Saturday, June 27, 2009

Can You Find Pilot's Scar?

Pilot loves to show off his scar that he got when he had surgery back in January 2009 to fix 2 broken hand bones that he smashed and had to have them screwed back together from an accident he had with a rock while sledding during a fun moment while on a Scout overnighter.  (new breath!)  So to help him show where to find his scar, I wrote this message on his arm:

I think it helps point the direction to the scar in a helpful way.  His scar is fading and healing up really nice.  The telltale scar will always be there, but it is blending into his hand much quicker than he wanted.

He just got back from a 4 day Scout Super Activity on Thursday and I am happy to report that he came home without any injuries!  Yes!!  No one else was injured either!! Yes!!

They spent the majority of their time Kayaking on Lake Powell and he said he had no problem with his hand.  He seems to be able to do everything now and doesn't seem to be at all bothered by his injury.

Except, when mom squeezes his hand.  You see I was losing a battle with my balance mechanism the other afternoon and so I grabbed his hand for support.  I squeezed and he winced.  I realized that even though he stablized me, I had pinched a sensitive area in his hand.

Thank Heavens he lived through the squeeze and is still with us today.  He said, "oouuuie,"  when I grabbed his hand.  But I did say I was sorry and kissed it tenderly.  So I guess he got better quickly.  Got to Love That Kid~~!!!!  My special Pilot.......... I love him!!!


  1. That scar really is healing up nicely (for an adult!) and I can see why as a kid he might like the chance to tell his tale LOL Funny!

  2. My son broke his wrist in Jan, ice skating with his mutual group. He had surgery and 2 pins put in. It looks like fang marks now! I love the note you put on your son's arm! At least boys like battle scars!