Monday, June 15, 2009

Camping Food

I try to make do on our food for camping by using things we have in food storage. I also try to make things that can be done both on the fire or on the stove depending on the weather.

Here is my draft of what we may eat come camping this month. There are mistakes on this copy, but I ignore them and go on. It is hard for me to not make corrections and reprint, but I am trying to make-do here also. I had to print and then scan the menu to get it to post here. I have a lot to learn about computer manipulation! But it is here and ready for me to use.

Subject to change, but I have almost everything I need here at home, so I might go with this as written. Thought you might like a peek.

On my computer, when I click on the menu it comes up really huge. I just use Zoom and get it to where it is mostly on one page. Then when I go back to the post, the Zoom resets itself. But if you need to just reset the zoom to normal. Hope this helps.

You can see that I made lots of notes on my menu sheet. Everything from what pots and pans I needed to what dishes and things would be used. This helped the kids and I get things done efficiently and quickly.


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  1. Excellent. I like that you have organized the menus and the ingredients AND what to do at home!

    This is my kind of thing!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Wow, wow, wow. I'm so impressed--I see Leila's comment, too, and it *does* seem like you two have a similar approach to organizing.

    I'm impressed with your comment at my post that you love to cook outdoors, even though you have the ability to cook in the camper. You sure are born for the making-do required in camping!

    I'm impressed, very impressed.

  3. You are so organised and an inspiration!