Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Lunch of Ham Salad Sandwiches - Critiqued

fooD...FOOD FOOD FOOD...Food

So as one would have it the whole food situation got turned around yesterday. (June 1, 2009) Yes, I promise I will explain myself!

You see some of you will need a little background. Both of my children have always loved salad, green salad and all the yummy veggies that go into them. They are both happy to eat broccoli, peas, beans, corn, carrots, avocado, tomato (except Pilot has decided not to eat fresh slices and such), lettuce, cabbage, the list goes on. I know I have been extremely lucky with the veggies.

They also both like fruit.

They like steak, but Angel doesn't like anything fishy. She can eat some fish, but prefers not too. She used to like fish, but has decided that for now she can do without. Pilot loves all kinds of meat. They both like sausage, eggs, ham, pork, chicken- you're right, I don't need to list this stuff.

SOooooooo, as some of you know, I sometimes dabble in the kitchen. I have my own stuff I create and serve. Pilot is always happy to eat what I make. He very rarely says, "mom, I don't want to hurt your feelings, but please don't ever make that again." In fact, I don't think he has ever said that.

Now, Angel on the other hand, turns her nose up quite often. But after tasting the apparently disgusting looking crap on her plate, she quite often changes her mind and puts her nose down and eats the food, amazed that it could be edible!

So yesterday for lunch I was in the kitchen trying to decide what to do. (See, this is where menu planning would be sooooooooo sooooooo very helpful!) I decided to do make scrambled eggs with ham and cheese sandwiches. So I diced the ham and got it into the pan to brown a little and warm up. But I needed a little bit of grease in the cast iron skillet, so in went a couple of snips of bacon.

(I usually buy a bulk bacon of the ends that don't get sliced up right. Then I snip away at it with my trusty kitchen shears. And then when I have to cook the rest before it gets smelly, I cook it up and freeze it. I put the grease in a little pot near my stove with a silicone brush for greasing my pans when I cook. Waste not, want not, go to my waist........ So I had to snip a few bacon bits, because my grease pot is hungry and I don't feel like cooking all that bacon to fill it up, yet!)


OK, so I was browning the ham and bacon bits. Then I decided to change and make a ham salad sandwich. So as the now ready ham began to cool, I put some shredded lettuce into a bowl. Then I grabbed a couple of Roma tomatoes and diced them up. Then I decided to use an avocado that was ready and diced it in the shell and scooped it out with a spoon. I then added the ham and bacon. I stirred it around and mashed a few avocado pieces to help bind it better. I tasted it and added a sprinkle of salt- to my liking. I didn't add any cheese which is weird 'cuz I add cheese to everything and it would have been better with cheese!

I did not want any mayo or salad dressing, I wanted the avocado to play that part. Then I put a mound of salad on each of 3 Texas toast slices, 'cuz that is the only bread I had. I topped them with another slice of bread and cut the sandwiches in half.

I gave one to Angel, one to Pilot and kept the last one for my self. Then the fun began.

I liked the sandwich. I thought that it would do in a pinch. I should have put the cheese in though.

Angel, who is my most picky eater ate hers, although it took her forever! She is my slow thoughtful eater. I am not dissing her though, she is the skinniest gal around, healthy skinny. Her slow eating is a wonderful trait and I hope it serves her well. She never eats very much, but definitely gets what she needs.

Me, I eat in 3 bites it's gone!!! Well, I hope I am not thaaaaat bad. But I do like to eat my food and get more..... heeeee heeee. If only I could eat like her......... You are right! We were talking about the salad.

There is only one more critique to go. Pilot. My eat anything child. Well, as you have already guessed, he wasn't thrilled with this, whatever it was. He ate one half of the sandwich, but not any of the filling that fell out of that half. He said it was the lettuce that he didn't like, but I use shredded lettuce in salad sandwiches all the time! I would think that if I had mayoed or salad dressinged it, the outcome would have been better. He said, "not ever again, mom," and did not even use the "I don't want to hurt your feelings," part!!! He must have hated it! So sorry Pilot!!!

Thanks heavens he is old enough to remedy the problem. He just quietly made something else and was on his way. I love my Pilot!!

I guess I will have to rethink this one or just make it when Angel and I are eating. She so very rarely likes anything that Pilot doesn't like. Go figure.......

* * * * * * * * * * * * *
I thought I was done, but just now Pilot came in as I was photo taking in the kitchen and he said, "please....don't tell me you are going to remake that gross salad so that you can take a picture of it?"

At least he said, "please."

Moms- Ya just gotta smile!


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  1. Ham salad sounds delicious... how creative to use the bacon scraps. I will look forward to picking up a bag at the market. We all wish you could pass virtual sandwiches our way. Yum!

  2. That sounds pretty good to me, but while I'm preggers, anything with avocado sounds good!