Saturday, June 20, 2009

Things to Ponder

Why isn't there mouse flavored cat food?

So this question has finally come up. I have wondered for 49 years now when someone would finally ask this so blatantly obvious question.

But what is the answer? Or maybe the real answer? Who knows......... maybe this is why the question was never in print before.

I think that if the pet food companies would hold roundups and gather in all the rats and mice to be processed into cat food, our world would be a better place. Right now the mice and rats and voles (especially around my house) are running the animal world and causing great concerns in health and cleanliness around the world. They need to be controlled!!

So call out the ca't'valries! Call out the live mouse-traps! Let's get the mice, rat and vole populations under control and waste not their meat as we do this. Let's make awesome cat food from one of the cat's favorite food sources! Let's be frugal and use what God gave us, or gave the cats that is.

My cats are doing all they can against the voles here at my house and our neighborhood. Thanks guys- Beebee, Willow and Marshmallow. But there are plenty of neighborhoods that don't have such great mouser protection. Let the live traps open their doors and provide income to the trappers as we feed the worlds 'starving for the mouse flavor food' cats!!

Who is with me? This is a good fight.... so join in.

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