Monday, June 1, 2009

Ryan's Make-Do Monday June 1 - Giant Hoola Hoop

As some of our favorite neighbors are getting ready to move, they have generously given us some of their things. Such as some pvc piping for sprinklers.

My sweet 14 year old Pilot was innovating last Saturday. He connected the pipe lengths together and then called his 11 yo sister Angel outside to come play.

He had made two giant hoola hoops! They work but boy are they big. The smaller one has issues with bending out of shape, he is already thinking of ways to combat that. But I have reminded him, we still need to use it later for sprinklers.

The larger one works, but really hurts the gut when hoola-ed. Mostly because it is so heavy.

I am proud of his innovation and his desire to have it posted here on Make-Do Monday. Way to go Pilot.

(Oh, by the way, he went out and took photos and told me the story as he was flying from Atlanta, Georgia to Salt Lake City, Utah via Flight Simulator. The plane is on auto pilot now and he is going here, there, and everywhere, with just the ocassional check back in his "cockpit" to make sure everything is going well. He says he is over Kansas right now.)

Here are a couple more photos of another of his recent Make-Do's:

He is trying to grow a mustache!!! Funny...... The white gum worked really well.

Got Milk?


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  1. I bet hoolaing with those would be quite a workout! LOL

  2. Those are very big hula hoops! Love the moustache pictures :)