Saturday, June 27, 2009

Helping a Friend with her New Kitchen

My Blogger friend at Kolfinnas Korner is having a bloggey game

"what's in my drawers?"

You can also see photos of her new Kitchen here on this page.


And these are my suggestions to her.

*If I were in your kitchen, I would first see if I could (or Hubby could) switch the handles on the fridge/freezer so that the doors opened into the room and not the wall. That would be so much more convenient for you.

*Secondly, I would hang my pot holders on the wall near the stove, in fact I might even put up a towel bar so I could hang my towels there too. You can go here, to see how I have used Push Pins in organizing some things on a wall in my kitchen. I have a very shallow wall area that is behind my door to the garage. Nothing really fits there, so I acquisition the wall to hang things on.

*I would be thinking of putting in a bookshelf where you have your microwave cart and laundry drying rack. Then I could put the kitchen towels and linens rolled up in a cute 2nd hand basket. I would put my prettiest bowls and pots and pans on the shelves and some of my food. Cans, cereals, bottles. Maybe even my spices. I would fold up the laundry rack and hang it on hook(s) on the wall when I wasn't using it. And maybe I could hang a couple of things on it while it was on the wall and only take it down when I needed more room. And when I needed to use the whole rack, I would set it up in front of the Oven. If the oven had just been used, it would be warmer there too.

H * Silverware & knives

C * plastic bags/wrap etc.

F * trash bags

F * plastic storage container (or if you don't like the idea of them under the sink, put them in E)


B * Dish & hand towels, dish clothes & pot holders (if you use a towel rack, just put your extras here)

G * Teas, plates & bowls

I * Cutting board, mixer & salad shooter (I don't know how much room this will take but I want to assume that you could share the cupboard with the next line.....)

I * Mixing bowls & baking pans & pitchers (stock pot too, but it’s in the drainer right now)

A * Cooking utensils (wooden spoons, etc.) (I would put them in a tall crock on the counter, but since you don't have much counter, I might even put them on the wall- the one I use the most that is.)

F * extra laundry items, trash can

A * spices (if you have room in this drawer, put your small bottle of spices in here. Be sure to write what they are on the lids so that you can find them easier. If they won't fit here then I would put them into J or find a spice rack to hang on the wall.)

E *cooking things, (Not sure what these are, but I would put them here. The only real problem is that upper cupboards are not as deep as bottom cabinets and that can really put a damper on organizing things. Good Luck!)

D *glass & stainless cookware (If your drawer is not heavy duty enough for these, I would make a pot hanger. I just picked up some things at my local second hand store to make my own pot hanger. I hope it turns out.)

I rarely buy things new any more. I go to my second hand store when I have a hankering for something and I try to find things that I can use right off their shelves (after a cleaning of course!) or something I can innovate what I need and make-do with. It is fun and challenging to make-do and innovate.


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  1. Wow Shari! Thanks. I like some of your ideas. I do still have a few things at the other house I am wanting to being over. One of them happens to be 2 metal strips with hooks. I had my cooking utensils, that have holes, hung up on them at the other house. I was thinking there above the stove possibly, or maybe on the wall to the right. I also eventually want a shelf on the wall above the microwave area for my cookbooks & herb books. The fridge won't open the other way, not enough room, although I agree that would be nice. It's pretty much wedged in there. Thanks for playing the game, and for the cool tips & ideas. I'll post the answers in a day or two.