Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Whats been going on......

Sunday afternoon we welcomed 5 new kritters into our home. BeeBee had 5 little kittens! They sure are cute. We have been waiting for over two weeks for the delivery. We really had no idea when the babies were due and I was guessing towards the end of August. I was wrong. So each day has been watching carefully and waiting in anticipation. Our cat has been quite offish for the last month and did not like to be held or even looked at. She used to be such a wonderful sweet purring thing.

Then Sunday morning she came in my room and snuggled up to me in my bed and stayed there for about an hour. That was very comfortable and she makes me feel so relaxed and content. Then later in the afternoon, DH (dear husband) brought me home from Church early to check on Pilot Boy who had stayed home. I decided to make some meatballs for dinner and while I was in the kitchen putting the meatballs in the oven, DS called me to come and see the cat. She had put herself on his lap and was cuddling. So unusual, she had really not liked being around DS (dear son) for the last month or so. So when I was done and the meatballs were cooking, I came in and sat by DS. I saw the cat was definitely in labor and DS got her box where we hoped she would have the kittens. She would have nothing to do with the box, even though I had introduced it to her several weeks ago. So we got a water proof mat and a sheet and put them in the middle of the living room floor.

Before DH and DD (dear daughter) returned home from church we had 2 and a half kittens. It took nearly 6 hours for her to birth the 5 kittens. Just when I thought we were done, as it had been 80 minutes since the last of the first three were born, I changed out the birthing bedding and put down a new piece of material. Then she started to have contractions again. So we quickly put down some plastic under the new clean material, since the water proof mat was in the washer. Then she had a breech birth. It was extremely difficult for her and I ended up having to help her by gently pulling as she pushed. It took about 5 or 6 contractions for me to help the little one out. The others came with 2 or 3 pushes and our cat mommy did everything herself. I was so worried that the little one was not alive, as the feet and tail were not moving. After it was born, there was very little motion and finally it started to come around. It took longer than the others, but after an hour or so, it was doing as well as it's siblings. Then about an hour later, BeeBee had one more contraction and I didn't think much about it, and all of the sudden I noticed that there was another kitten! That was the easiest one delivered.

BeeBee is a Calico, very pretty we think, except she is a long hair and that is quite a problem for me and my allergies. The first kitten that was born is totally tan in color - named Carmello. The secon kitten is a calico, named Calie and a runt, she weighed about 70cc. The third is black with a bit of white, named Licorice. The fourth, the breech kitten, is named brownie and is also black with a tiny bit of white. The last kitten is grey and tan, named Mouse or Fudge, at first it looked like marble fudge, but it is quite mousie in the grey color. I reserve the right to change any name as the kids and I get to know them better.

All of the kittens except the runt weighed in at 120 to 130 cc's. So the runt is only half the size of its' siblings, but it is doing quite well. We have been watching Calie closely to make sure her belly is full. Ok, I don't if they are girls or boys yet, I hope to be able to tell in a couple of weeks. It is fun to have these kittens, it is the first time myself and the kids have ever seen a kitten be born and we have decided that we hope it is the last. It was awesome though. I am grateful we have had the experience.

Today the kittens are two days old, and they are all doing well. I hope I can report that every time. We are going to start to weigh them so we can track Calie's progress and know if we need to help her along with supplimental feeding.

The weather sure is nice. Coolish-Warm almost perfect. It is fall weather but the leaves are still on the trees and it has not felt much like Fall yet. We finally got the landscaping completed in the front, that is the re-do that our warranty covered. It looks finished finally. Now we have to find out if we are getting replacement bushes or not. The concrete is also cured enough for us to use. It is sooooo nice to drive on it!

Today was my last iron injection for this round. Yes, I am feeling better. Now I wait two weeks and have a blood draw to see what my ferriton level is at and then either more injections or wait several months to see if I can keep my level up myself.

Karen & Shawn, our business partners, were going to meet us tonight for our Tuesday Night at the Office, but the Open meetings were cancelled for tonight. This is the first time since May (when we started) that there has not been a meeting, however things with the business are in a transition and so it is understandable. It was sad not to have the association time with our business partners, but thank heavens we got our cd's and book today that will help us keep up on our training and learning. We really missed not getting to see the Cottle's, but maybe next week.

So finally I am caught up enough to feel better about this post. It has been a busy week. Have a great day!

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