Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Well it is Tuesday and DH and I get to go to our weekly night at the office! We spend every Tuesday night at 'the Office' and once a month we have a Seminar. I just love our Business!!

Tomorrow is Soccer Gal's birthday. Wow she is going to be 10 years old. Time is flying so fast. There is still so much to teach her. I am so proud of her thus far. She is a social butterfly, has good friends and makes friends easily. She does so well in her school work and her grades show her enthusiasm for learning. I love her and am glad she is mine!!

Last night I was so ambitious that I made dinner for last night and tonight at the same time. Wow, that was good. Actually it was necessity, because I went to get the pork out for dinner and decided that I had better cook it all before it went bad! Yuck, I hate that pressure of possibly wasting food. So into the oven went the country boneless chops on a bed of Stuffing mix, covered with a can of cream of celery soup. They cooked for about an hour and a half until they were just right for my kids, and then we ate them with mashed potatoes (I wanted rice but ran out of time), green beans and applesauce. It turned out great, and both Soccer Gal and Pilot Kid thanked me for the food. DH was at work. I failed to get the dinner in the oven early enough for him to be able to take dinner to work.

The other meal was pork chops in the crockpot cooked in left over gravy from a previous meal. That is what we are having tonight. We will probably have this over mashed potatoes again, with corn and cranberry jelly sauce. I usually don't fix complete meals nearly the same two nights in a row, unless it is leftovers, but bad timing and planning led to this one. The best thing is, though, DH is home this time to eat with us and he didn't eat the meal last night. The kids are really glad when DH is home to eat, so they won't care if we eat something they like two nights in a row.

It was my day to fill up on Iron. The regular IV Tech was not there and so I was able to go into the back room where the recliner chairs are for my treatment. It is nice, quiet and homey in that room and the chairs are really comfy. However, it would have been a treat to be in the soft cushy chair except for my broken tailbone! Ouch! It was way too soft- reminds me of Goldie Locks and finding Mamma's chair too soft. It wasn't so bad just sitting, but getting out of it was a painful experience and I'm still ouching 8 hours later. Tailbones are a pain in the butt!! Also, the back room tech couldn't find a vein on my inside elbow and so used my forearm. That is a little less comfortable but I lived through it. I think I have two more to go in finishing my treatment for this round.

So since I was in town, it was shopping day- to keep down on the gas usage and traveling time. We live 10 miles from Wal-mart and the main shopping stores. We did get a Smith's Food here about 4 years ago and since our move it is about 2 miles from our house (rather than the 4 1/2 it was). This has made life a whole lot easier for last minute stuff, but we still try to make do and not run to the store for every little item.

I actually would rather shop on line and have all my stuff delivered to our home, but alas times in my business are changing and our empowering internet site that has been our shopping source has changed the rules on us and we have decided to move away from them. Sad. Sad for them and sad for us. Now we have to go back to driving to the store and spending our time shopping and moving product from their shelves to our car to our house to our pantry. My time is better spent clicking my choices on the internet and putting the food in the pantry from the delivery truck. But this is only a temporary bump in the business road. We should know soon what, besides our Leadership Development Program, is on our business opportunity outline. Go TEAM!!!

Well I am off soon, I am Fired Up! The meeting tonight will be great and I am ready for my future. Thanks family for your support. I love you all!!

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