Saturday, September 8, 2007

Saturday is a Busy Day

8 yards of driveway concrete
photo opps of model cement truck with full sized cement truck
clean concrete trowel
soccer games (the kids won!)
soccer team photos
crock pot dinner
kid rivalry control (referee)
dad needs sleep so keep the kids quiet
dishes, laundry, pick up rooms
take care of neighbors house and animals
visit with other neighbors
water vegie garden
read/study- for business
get caught up on internet news
called mom to talk about the cement truck
reminded DH to return rented dvds on his way home at 6am
listening to DD Soccer-gal read
helping DS Pilot-kid understand what blogging is
looked at Cub Scout stuff for the Bears and Wolves for this week

I still have 3 good hours to go before early bed at 9:30- so there is plenty of time for more things to get done. I now get to put the Crock pot dinner on the table and we should be eating in 5 minutes. I really love my Crock pot!

Crock pot Scalloped Potatoes and Ham -

My family loves this and it is really easy, we will put green beans on the side and have fruit (watermelon) for dessert.

Well, see ya later. Thanks for reading!

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