Sunday, September 23, 2007

My Parents 50th Wedding Anniversary Celebration

Yesterday turned out to be a very wonderful and fun day with my side of the family. We celebrated my parents 50th Wedding Anniversary. We did a simple get together of eating dinner at Golden Corral, everyone was there except one son-in-law and one grandchild. It was sad to not have them with us, but getting together as a whole family is very difficult. There are two families that live out of state and all together we had hoped to get 32 people there, but settled for 30. I guess that is not that many people, however it is hard to get everyone's schedules to be free on one afternoon, between jobs, hobbies and everything else that keeps us busy.

The weather was just on the line of fine and chilly, but we were able to still do it outside without too much discomfort. We did end up getting jackets and blankets for the very end. We took family photos and gave Mom and Dad some fun gifts. They loved the simplistic way we handled the afternoon and were relieved that we did not have a great big ta-do or surprise party. One of the best things was the reproduction of the Wedding Cake from their Wedding Reception. The hardest part of the reproduction was that there was no photo to go on, so my sisters did their best and my parents loved it. The girls also ordered M&M's with my parents names on half of them and 'now & forever' on the other half in yellow gold color. That was very fun and creative, everyone loved that.

It was fun to visit with my siblings and their kids. I can't believe how grown up everyone is getting. The oldest is my 22 year old nephew and the youngest is my now 9 year old nephew. My parents have 17 grandkids, 9 boys and 8 girls. Some of the kids are off to college and have their own apartments, that is unreal, where has time flown? I am happy to report that I am proud of ALL of my dear nieces and nephews. I am also proud of all of my siblings and their spouses. I have been blessed so much, good parents, good siblings and wonderful extended family.

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