Saturday, September 8, 2007

Big Trucks, Little Trucks

To day we were lucky enough to have a cement truck and a cement pumping truck at our home. Our driveway at our wonderful new home, had cracked and buckled and sunk below grade. The driveway has been morphing for the last 3 and a half months. We really did not like the shape it was taking on, and we finally got our developer to tear out the offending portions and re-pour today. The work looks wonderful. And we hope this is the end of the concrete problems. Time will only tell.......

We have a model of a front discharge cement truck and we took the model outside to be photographed with the full size truck. If the photos turn out I'll get one up soon. It was fun for the kids and myself to do. We have a history with the front discharge truck, sometime I will get into that.

Now we hope that since the driveway is re-done, that the landscapers can come and finish their re-do on our landscaping. That too has been on hold for a couple of months.

Our neighborhood is brand new, the first two families moved in during early winter 2006. Our 'spec' home was built in October 2006 and we bought it in February 2007. The builder has completed about 23 homes in the first phase and they have opened the second phase with 30 more homes to be built, I believe. We love our new home! We love our new neighbors! We love our new area! It is such a nice place. The only sad part is that we MISS our old neighbors very much. We have been so blessed in our last two moves to be in wonderful homes and have amazing neighbors.

Well my kids are asking why I have been on the computer so much today, so I think that is my clue to end for now. I finally decided to try the bloglife, and it has taken a little while to do some research and get this up and started. Even though I have spent time on the computer, I have still accomplished a bit as well. Thanks for reading!

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