Friday, September 28, 2007

Friday Night Freedom - Almost !

I was so excited to have tonight come as I was going to be all alone- it is nice to have alone time. So as DH got ready for work, DS got ready for his Scout Campout and DD got ready for her sleepover with her 'college aged' cousin. There was a bit of hustle and bustle going on but soon everyone piled into the car and DH left for work and to drop off the kids. I was in heaven! All by myself, I was thinking about what to eat and if I wanted to read or watch a movie.
About 30 minutes after my Freedom began, the front door opened and in walked DS. He said that the scout leader needed to talk to me. So I went out and Mr Scoutleader hated to tell me that my son and the other neighbor boy could not go on the campout. Mr Scoutleader is one of the most honorable men I know and his integrity is top notch. So he proceeded to tell us that since we have had some changes in the scouting program, which I knew about, that there were some issues that were unresolved. Our new Scoutleader who is in charge of our neighborhood was for some reason unable to get our boys registered and therefore could not pay for the upcoming campout. He kindof let the ball drop and so my DS (and others) were unable to attend the campout. The boys are not happy, even though they sort of understand.
Mr Scoutleader, (our old one, the one we know and love) felt bad that he had to be the bearer of bad news and not allow our boys to attend tonights campout. Rules are rules and I understand, but what a wrench in my works!
No more freetime, private time, my own decisions, my choice of to or not to eat, to watch or not to watch, etc. However, I am glad too for the one-on-one time with my DS. He can be a lot of fun to be around. And so far, 5 hours into our evening, we are having a good time. He made bagel pizzas for dinner and is pampering me. So who am I to really complain?
The kittens are doing well. We have 4 little girl kittens and one little male. They are really cute with their eyes open. They are getting a bit better in getting around. They are not really walking yet, however Mousie is almost walking the correct way. BeeBee is still very protective of them, but does share time with us. She keeps a very close watchful eye on her babies and I am really enjoying having them around.
It is windy tonight and we might have some thunderstorms later. But I doubt we will have thunder, we never have enough to make me happy. The lightning and thunder seem to always go around us. It is supposed to be quite chilly tomorrow and the storm is supposed to be the coldest one of the new season. I am not ready for winter! It was forecasted that we could have a mix of rain and snow in the valleys tomorrow too. No I say! NO!

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