Tuesday, September 25, 2007

BeeBee and Her Kittens

What is up with the Kittens? Well BeeBee has decided that my wonderful Garden Bathtub is not where she wants her babies to be right now. They have lived there since they were born and we change the blankets everyother day so that it is clean and inviting. However, last night our little mommy decided to move her babes! I did not even think anything was up, I only thought that they were meowing amongst each other. I finally decided to check on the furry family. I saw BeeBee going into DD's room. I went in there and under her bed, I found little Calie and Mousie. So I took them back to my bathtub and low and behold, there were NO kittens in my tub. So I put those babies in the tub and went to find the others. I found them also under DD's bed bunched up together and asleep. So I gathered the other three babes and took them to the tub too. BeeBee was not happy about my moving them back. She just meowed and meowed.

I went back to bed and turned off my light. I was not too bright as I did not shut any doors. Big mistake! About 10 minutes later, I hear a commotion again, and found little Licorice under DD's bed again. So back to the tub she went. BeeBee kept talking to me, but I have no idea why she was trying to get me to allow her to move the kittens. It probably has something to do with instinct and the natural protection of her babies. But she is safe in our house, for now anyway. So this time I got her and the babies settled back in the tub and then I shut my door.

Soon after I was settled in bed myself, I heard a little meow and a tiny thud. I turned on my light, again, and looked for BeeBee and there she was at my door trying to get out with Calie in her mouth again. When she realized that she couldn't get out, she put Calie down and laid with her. I let Calie nurse for about 5 minutes, some one on one time with her mom, and then returned her to the tub.

I settled myself back to bed with my light off and again I thought that I had made it clear to BeeBee that the tub was her place for the kittens. But she again had a different idea! I was comfortable and ready to fall asleep and I heard the now familiar little meow and the tiny thud and BeeBee coming out of the bathroom on her quest for a new nest for her family. So on went my light again and I looked for my BeeBee and found her at the end of my bed. She had Mousie again and had set her down and was now trying to get out of my shut door again. I gently put Mousie back in the tub and listened as BeeBee meowed her objections to me. I waited right there for about five minutes until BeeBee laid down and all her babes latched on and began to eat. Then I left the bathroom and shut that door! Now she had nowhere to go. And guess what? I went to bed and settled my self for the millionth time and finally went to sleep!

Just about 7:00 this morning, BeeBee was trying to move Licorice again! DD put Licorice back in the tub and it is now about 11:00 am and I have not heard any commotion. I have not checked on them either. But all the doors are shut upstairs, except my bathroom and bedroom and she really has nowhere to move them so I am hoping that they are still in the tub. I will probably check on them in the next half an hour. I guess I am going to have to figure out an alternative. Maybe she is ready to move to the basement for a while, that actually would be better in the long run. As that is where her litter box is. So maybe that is where we (DH and myself) will move them this afternoon.

The kittens are all growing fine. Little Calie (the runt) is also doing well. She is still half the weight of her siblings, but we are watching her and she seems to be fine even though she is small. She really is cute!

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