Monday, August 10, 2009

Make Do Tips in the Kitchen

There are a couple of make do tip's in this photo.
First, I have a box, it is quite sturdy and it holds my spice bottles that I use regularly.  I (me and only me) try to keep the salt and pepper in the front left portion of the box.  I can grab them very quickly.  For a while I could reach up, anywhere in the box and pull out what I wanted without looking and usually get the right bottle.  
But.................     Enter little cookers......................... 
People who have decided to make their own eggs and other foods
have decided to use spices in their own dishes.  
They (the other members of my household) tend to mix everything up in my box.  This is really one of those things I am not going to battle over.  Because I know that in a few short years, my two will be out of my home on their own and I will be missing them tremendously.  So I will be happy that they are home in the kitchen, learning, experimenting and having fun.
The second make-do here is putting the can opener in the cupboard instead of keeping it on the counter.  I do keep it plugged in for quick use.  This way it is off the counter and out of the way.
But I have learned something, out of sight is out of mind.  As you can see, the can opener needs a good cleaning.  And when it is hidden from view in the cupboard, I lazily forget to clean it when I am getting the toaster!
And that mark on the cupboard that looks like marker......... well it isn't marker.
It is a natural staining in the wood grain.
Could have fooled me..........Wait!...... 
It has done several times and I know what it is!  lol.....
Even after more than two years, I still have to do double takes when I open that cupboard. 


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  1. With the huge emphasis on organization comes an equally huge emphasis on cute products to support organization efforts. But I think we underestimate the usefulness (and make-do-ness) of the sturdy cardboard box. Sure, it's humble. But it does the job! I also like that you are making-do with the organization of it--or the mixed-up-ness of it--with the sharing factor. That's a wonderfully relaxed approach. Great post!

  2. Please come and organise my kitchen ;) I left you an award at my blog. No need to pass it on unless you want to but I just wanted you to know that I think your blog is great :)

  3. I have read this post a few times and I thought I'd commented. Funny how that happens. I even thought of you the other day when I did a double take for the millionth time on a spot on our cupboard that looks like a filled in scratch LOL