Monday, August 31, 2009

First Day of College (in 26 years for me)

Today was our first day of college! Whew--- we made it through. I do have to confess it was the easiest school day I have had for a very long 40+ years! We only have one class on Monday and Wednesday and the course is called Strategies for Success, a 2 hour class right in the middle of the day. Dumb, dumb and da'more.

Tuesday and Thursday, we have two classes.
Computer Fundamentals and Medical Terminology. I am requesting a drop for the computer class and my past college 8 credits of Computer Tech might just get me the justification for dropping the 3 credit hour class. Then I will have one class on Tues and Thurs too. This is dumb too.

I am so hopeful for the change, because I don't want to be wasting my time in a computer class learning the fundamentals: keyboarding, what a computer is, what computers can do.... ect., when I feel I have gone beyond that with my all my experience in computers from data entry to computer operator to programing and now blogging, commenting, filming and editing videos and uploading them to the Internet, surfing and
researching and learning as I need to know.

I can't imagine being stuck in a two hour class where I would feel like I was wasting my time, I would rather be spending the time on the internet- or studying something more helpful like Medical Terminology!

Anyway, today we went for our Success class and our class was very overcrowded. The teacher asked if any of us would like to change to the later class, so we volunteered. We stayed about an hour and then she excused us and said we did not have to return until Wednesday. Because the exercise we were doing wouldn't carry forward to the new class time/group.

The class was fun in the fact that we got to learn about a bunch of new college students being introduced by each other. We each spent time interviewing a student and then we were to introduce him/her to the class. Kori, the teacher, told us to never mind the exercise, which we had already done and were ready to do the introductions. She excused us from class and had the two students we interviewed, interview each other.

The class was boring and non-productive because we didn't learn anything towards our own Success Strategy. But this class does have quite a few exercises to it. I am most happy learning and not doing as I learn, but a lot of people learn better doing while learning.

I don't feel bad about not doing the exercise, because we have actually taken a class called 'Successful Life Management' which looks like it will be very comparable to this class. The only difference is that the one we are taking now is required for our Diploma and the one we took earlier was not done as a college credit course.

I really feel that one can not learn enough about success, self management and life strategies. So apart from the (silly to me) exercises the class will be a great refresher and testimony that life is good and we are in charge of whether our life experience is good or bad. We make our lives what they are by our attitudes. 'nuf said.

So of course Hubby was telling everyone we got booted from class. You should have seen the wide eyes of some of the folks at the school. They believed him!

But that time was well used as we turned in old college transcripts and asked about me dropping a class. I had to fill out an add/drop form and get approval, so I am waiting for the approval. I will check on that tomorrow.

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