Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Pilot Started School - High School!

Wow!  What a week- continued..........

Last week on Thursday I sent my son, Pilot,  off to High School!  
I think I have mentioned before that he gets to go to the high school as a 9th grader to help lesson the number of students at the Jr. High.  So my other baby is in High School this year!  Good thing I only have two babies or maybe I would have one in college too...........................  
He loves the new high school.  (So do I.)  He is so exited about most of his classes.  He came home on Friday and told me he loved his Seminary class.  He was beaming such a huge smile about how fun Seminary had been.  He loves his teacher there too.  

(Seminary in our church is a class that kids can take every year during 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th grades.  It is done before school or during a release time period during the school day.  Our church has provided a building next to the high school for these kids to meet in and learn more about Christ and our church believes.  It is not required, but I loved it myself when I was young.)

He also loves his TV and Video Production class.  He is so excited for this class- I am excited for him too.  He is going to be learning and doing so much fun stuff.  Right now they are learning about commercials and his first assignment is producing a commercial, from start to finish.  Awesome!
He is so excited for his Engineering Drafting class too.  Already he is learning so many new and fun things that will help him in the future.  

He seems to be happy with all his teachers and classes.  I think he will have a great year.  
He was sick on Monday and would have gone, but I made him stay home.  He was not happy about it either.  But I felt he wasn't well enough to go and it wouldn't have been fair to the others if he brought germs and spread them around.  I am encouraged that he is determined to go to school even if he doesn't feel well.
One of the classes he missed on Monday was English.  One of his great aunts teased him that he was "sick" 'cuz he didn't get his homework done.  Well he did get it done and was all ready for all his classes that day.  

So the next day was an "A" day and even though he didn't have English, he went to see his teacher.  He gave her his homework and she was impressed that he came and handed it in when he returned to school even though he didn't have her class that day.  

I hope that he will keep this interest up and take school as a serious responsibility so that he can do well and progress on to the next step in his life's plan.  
(Airline Pilot)

He is a good boy/man.  I am happy that he is learning to be responsible and trustworthy.


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