Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Invasion of the Sunset Haven Neighborhood!

What a Busy Week continues............

Then also on Wednesday the 19th of August, we ended up in the mess of a huge neighborhood problem. Our neighborhood is next door to a Charter School that services grades K-9. They are a 'no bus' school and so there are hundreds of cars that come to drop off and pick up their kids every school day.

This year, without any communication or notification to the residents of our quiet neighborhood, the school asked the parents to drive through our neighborhood to enter the back of their property for pickups and dropoffs.

It has been a disaster for the last 5 days!

I want to believe that if the school had asked for our input that maybe some of the neighbors would not be so angry and we would all not be so frustrated.

I don't have to endure a lot of the problems. One street is having the cars stack up in a line in front of their homes. Blocking their road and driveways. This is also making some of our resident nervous. We don't know who the drivers are, but they have the opportunity to study our kids, our homes, our comings and goings for this 30-45mins they are parked in line waiting for their kids to get out of school.

Yes, the lines start about 30 mins before school gets out and cars have been sitting on our streets for up to 45 mins! Most of the drivers turn off their cars, but come cooler days, our neighborhood will be filled with exhaust from these cars. No way............. No good..............

The drivers are blocking driveways, they are blocking the other roads and intersections. They are blowing through our stop signs. They are speeding. They are focused on getting to the school and not on being courteous in our neighborhood. We have been offended!

We have one way into our neighborhood, so when the cars get lined up, does that mean that our residents have to wait in the that line to get to their homes? If they go around traffic, they are then in the oncoming lane and isn't that dangerous and maybe even illegal?

The pickup and dropoff method the school has used in the past did it's job. There was congestion on the main road, and at our entrance, but it was not an invasion of our peaceful, quiet, secluded neighborhood that has only infrequent local traffic. and one way in and one way out.

So in addition to getting the kids ready for school and getting them settled into school, I have been on traffic duty. I have been filming, tallying and taking photos of the invasion as well as talking with neighbors, the school principle, the City manager and the police department. It has been a busy last 7 days. I am now ready for a rest!!! A reprieve...... is long over due- a stress buster.

I have learned a lot though. I have learned the basics for digital video recording, editing, uploading, file conversion, and lots of other things. So I am now going to share some of my video production results with you.

Here is a just over 3 minute video showing 5 cars that came into our neighborhood in the morning for drop off. They however had apparently missed the memo that told them not to use our neighborhood for morning drop off. The school's gate was closed and the drivers had to backtrack out of the neighborhood and take the kids to the school's entrance.

This took more time and I am sure these poor parents were very frustrated. They blew the stop sign on the way in and then I saw them blow the stop sign behind the gray car at that intersection. I would bet that they blew the other stop signs on our other streets too. Ugh..............

Also, Please turn off the volume. I have/had not learned how to edit the sound and the radio was on and I heard a bad word in a song and quickly turned it off, but it was too late............

Do you love to watch vehicles run stop signs?

Well then head over to my YouTube channel (Sharinskishe) and
watch these runners.
There are 5 videos and they are as boring as boring can be.

But some of these drivers are flagrantly running our precious safety measure STOP sign. And I have proof, the school and police department have proof. Now, if we can just get the drivers to do their part and slow down, stop and proceed with caution.

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