Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Angel Started School - Jr High!

Wow! What a week!  

Last Wednesday I sent Angel off to Jr. High!
My baby is almost 12 and she is a new sevvy.  She is loving 7th grade at her school.  It is so fun to watch her get ready in the mornings.  

She has such beautiful naturally curl-wavy hair, but she hates it!  So she has to straighten it every morning.  She still looks beautiful with straight hair, but I hope someday she will embrace her natural hair and enjoy it. 
I told her this morning that I tried really hard to get into the right lines in Heaven so that I could get her curly hair.  I also got her straight teeth.  I got both these things for her, and her brown eyes. 
She likes her brown eyes, hates her curly hair and wishes she could have braces or a retainer! 
The dentist told her that maybe she could use a retainer but that her teeth are nearly perfect!  She was heartbroken when he said that.  I was so happy that her teeth are so nice, sure saves on orthodontist bills.   Aren't kids funny?
Angel was really tired this morning.  She went to bed at almost a decent time but it was her alarm that made her tired.  Her alarm went off and she got up to straighten her hair.  She got done and was feeling really tired, so she decided to just sit on bed against her pillows for a little bit.  She fell back asleep.  When she woke up again, she looked at her clock and it was 7:27am, and her bus comes at 7:29am! 
She jumped up, was frantic and said she noticed that outside was dark and didn't look right.  So she looked at her phone and read the time was 5:27!  Her alarm clock was wrong!  She had gotten up at 3:30am to do her hair! She wanted to get up at 5:30 to straighten her hair- now it was 5:30 and she was already done with her hair. 
So she got comfy back on her pillows and waited for 6:30am to come along- then she would get up!  Hubby got up this morning to make sure the kids were up.  It was then that we found out what an interesting morning Angel had had.  I did not hear a thing when she was up earlier.  She must have been really quiet, she was being really considerate of us sleepers.  She is a very good girl.
She is liking most of her classes and most of her teachers.  She has one teacher that seems to have an attitude problem.  Hopefully this teacher is stressed out and will become more positive in the next few days.  Otherwise Angel says that she will have to endure the yelling- but if this is a real problem and not 7th grade exaggeration, then I might have to see if the school can do something.
I am happy that she is really liking school.  She is such a social butterfly and is right in her element among her peers.  She really tries to be a friend to everyone.  I am proud of her.


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