Monday, August 10, 2009

Life Can Be Busy At Times

I have been on hiatus for the last week. I apologize for no posts and few visits and comments on my fellow Bloggers sites.
Here are some fresh picked tomatoes and peppers from the garden.  The green tomato had fallen from the bush in the Great Wind Storm we had this past week.  It was extremely windy.  But we were fortunate NOT to have the hail that northern Utah was hit with and our gardens survived the storms.  We are truly grateful.

Life is getting busier as we head into the new school year. Both kids received their schedules and both want/needed to make changes.

Pilot was able to make his changes and now he is all set for the first day which will be the 20th for him. His fees just about killed us, he is in ninth! but is going to the High School because the Jr. High is overcrowded.

Angel also paid her fees and they too were high, but not quite as high as Pilot's. We are going to try to get Angel's classes changed tomorrow, but I am not sure that we can yet. We might have to wait for some official date. She is really excited and looking forward to getting back and into the learning thing.  Her first day is next Wednesday, the 19th.

One thing I noticed is that their yearbooks are $10 different in price. I guess Pilot is getting a 'High School' Yearbook and not a 'Junior High' book. I guess we pay for his being unique this year. His gym clothes are also higher, again must be the high school prices. Bummer!

Angel has her locker assignment, but doesn't know who her partner is. Pilot has chosen a partner and paid for his portion of the locker, but can't have one assigned until the open house(s) next week.

The High School is just about done. It looks awesome and Pilot is so excited about going to a brand new school. 

Like he has never done that before! Snow Springs Elem- brand new. Pony Express Elem- brand new. Willowcreek Jr. High- a year or two old. Now Westlake High- Brand Spanking New.

Angel also has had/will have a couple of brand new schools- Pony Express and next year The new Jr High here in Saratoga Springs. These kids are truly spoiled!

There is a sidewalk being constructed that will be easy for the kids in our neighborhood to get to and make the journey to their Jr or High school easier than going down the main busy road!  I am happy about that.  We discovered that Friday night when we thought we should look for a way to walk across the field to the schools.  We are blessed!!     
Really, I wonder if I have done them some injustice?? They have only really known our last two homes and both of them were brand newly built. The churches are all brand newly built. Nearly our whole community is brand new builts- homes, churches, stores, businesses, streets, parks, schools. We have an occasional farm home that was built 40 or 50 years ago, but for the most part everything here is new. I must ponder on this later and make sure that I teach them to appreciate what they have and definitely not look down on those who don't have the opportunity or have chosen not to live where we do.


  1. Shari, Wow, those new schools will be great! They've been remodeling our high school. I have one going into 8th grade and one going in 6th, so it will be awhile before high school. I don't want school to start. It starts here Aug 31. One of mine got her schedule today, the other will get it the week before school starts.

  2. I love your positive outlook on life! Those peppers and tomatoes look yummy :)