Monday, May 18, 2009

My Make-Do Monday May 18th

This weeks Make-Do comes from my Dad.
Thanks for making it easier to dip my onion rings!!
My onion ring won't fit into this cup.
(I know the cup is empty- but it still wouldn't fit if there was fry sauce in it.)

So Hubby and I went to Emmetts in Lehi, Utah for lunch the other day. Actually it was the day after our wedding anniversary and we were still celebrating, so out to lunch we went.

I decided we should share some onion rings and of course Hubby agreed. Then I come to the table with 2 sauce cups, they were empty because they had not put out the sauce bottles yet. You see, we got there 10 minutes before opening and they were not quite ready with everything. I love this place because they make you feel like family, we were not locked out. Other food places only unlock their doors at the exact moment of opening time. So unfriendly!!

So I took one cup and flared it out and Hubby asked what I was doing. I explained that I wanted to be able to dip my onion ring without smashing it or breaking it apart. I told him that my Dad does this all the time and I saw it last time we ate with him. So I wanted to try it.

Look! It does work.

Problem solved!

Thanks Dad!

I don't always dip my onion rings. I like them just the way they come out of the fryer, well with the added salt that is. But I like to dip every now and then. So this tip can come in handy.

However, I doubt that very many places use paper cups anymore, so this might be one of those tips you file away and if you ever happen upon paper cups and onion rings, you pull out the filed information and create your own specialized dipping cup!!!

Have fun!! And never stop improvising!!!!


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  1. You found the perfect solution! As always :)

  2. Hi! So oh a week ago...I know a long time and no response until NOW, bad blogger, you left a comment on my letter C activities. It has taken me so long to get back to you because we have been busy doing farm activities because we had a field trip yesterday and my letter activities got pushed by the wayside. AND it's taken me this long to decide between dinosaurs and dogs. Guess who'll be busy planning this weekend?! I think we'll go with dinosaurs because my kiddo calls all dogs - puppies although I have some seriously fun dog activities so I am torn.

    Thanks for coming by and can I just say I cannot eat onion rings with out dip! Great solution and happy 15th! The hubs and I will be at 9 years of marriage this August but 15 years total together in November. Where has the time gone?