Wednesday, May 27, 2009

CornDog Muffins

So I was over visiting my friend at The Misadventures of Mub and she posted that she was going to do baked corndogs this week.  One of her commenters also said they had it on their list do.  I also had decided to try these cornbread and hotdog muffins.

So here is what I did.  I chose a recipe from recipeZaar for a cornbread dough and then made muffins and baked them.   They were cooked in the middle, but they weren't very brown so I believe that I could have baked them a bit longer.  I want to try it again with another dough recipe.

I used turkey dogs and cut them into pieces and pushed them down into the batter.  I baked them as long as I could.  You see I was starving and couldn't wait a minute longer!!  I popped one out and it was cooked through and I ate it right away.  It was good, not great, but good.  I guess I could have stuck the pan back in for a little more browning but I was only thinking of my tummy not browning.

As I was removing the muffins, I have to become creative in getting them out.  I had greased the pan, but they were a little stuck.  So I pulled out a broken rubber spatula and used it to go around the edges and they all popped free without any sticking.  I knew that broken spatula would come in handy for something.  The short handle made holding it just right.

The recipe I used said it made to bricks of cornbread.  So since I want to try a ham and pea casserole that calls for cornbread cubes, I made a small cast iron skillet round of cornbread.

And then I also made some darling snowmen mini-muffins from a cast iron snowman pan that was on a close-out sale.  They turned out awesome and I know I will be having fun with this pan!!!   I DO LOVE CAST IRON!!  I am going to look for a  cast iron muffin tin, I know it will so much nicer than the regular pan I have to use.  =)

So there you have it!  I made corn dog muffins and ate them with catsup (ketchup) and mustard.  A green salad, too, was tasty with these.

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  1. I so cheated and ended up frying these. I couldn't figure out a way to bake them and have them actually work properly *L* They were good though, and I've probably had my corndog fix for the next 3 years! I might need to try making corndog muffins though, I like that idea!