Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Photo Catch Up

Boy does that scar look nice!  Coming right along!

Such a serious face!  Ready for church.

This is his 'Passing the Sacrement' pose.

This is a friends piece of artwork done for the Art Fair.  (A...y's work is cool)

Too bad this is out of focus.  I love the modeling Angel is doing.

This is Angel's entry for the Art Fair.  I love it, simple and fun.

Here is Angel Showcasing Hawaii!  Yes, I long to be back there.

Statue of Liberty At Liberty Land in Lehi, Utah

Angel hugging the world!  Man she is little!

She found it easier to just lean on the world.

Here is Pilot in an Bumper Boat.

Here are both Angel and Pilot in their bumper boats.
Angel put her boat to the dock after just a short ride. She didn't want to get wet, because is was only 60 degrees and a bit windy.  When my kids first went in the boats, they were the only ones.  Then after about 5 minutes, other kids trickled out and began boating and they were using the water guns.  It was getting cold and wet.  So she ducked out fast.  Pilot was not too far behind.

Angel and her glasses-  She is practicing dressing for her job as an FBI Agent.

I am not sure what Pilot is dressed like.  Maybe he is going skiing or snow boarding?  Certainly not headed for Pilot school or work as a Airline Pilot.

How about these early budding apple blossoms!  They were really  pretty.  Our tree is loaded with baby apples now.  I need to thin them out soon, so they can produce a few this year.

Here is Pilot on his last day of Year End Testing.  Hurray school was almost over at this point.

Do you have trouble with your kids or people you know tilting back on the back legs of their chairs?  I do all the time.

Well this library had some unique chairs.  You could sit flat on the floor, totally horizontal- normal or you could rock forward for a slightly front lean.  Or rock back for the slight back lean that everyone seems to enjoy.  What great chairs!!!  I have decided that I definitely need these in my home so that the kids don't have to hear, "four on the floor, Please!!" anymore.

OK and yes this is chocolate!  I have to have my fix now and then.  This is actual Norwegian chocolate that I broke down and indulged in while Pilot was doing his testing.  A roll of Smil, is close to Rolos.  The bar is a Firklover, hazelnut in milk chocolate.  Both made by Freia and both delicious.  It took me about a week to eat them.  I did share with the kids, a little.  Hubby didn't get any, I don't think, because he wasn't around when I got it out.  Sorry!

Some of my cousins grew up in Loveland, Colorado.  My Aunt and Uncle still live there.  So when we accidentally came upon this sign in downtown Salt Lake, Pilot and I grabbed a photo of it.  We thought it was awesome.

This was snatched by Pilot and it was supposed to be a photo of a cloud that looked like a plane.  But the car hit rough road and the camera bounced just as it clicked.  However, it sometimes looks like the shiney top cloud has a wings coming out of it.  But this was not the cloud he was after.  It was a grey one just on top of the mountain.  Toooooo funny.

Photo catch up.  Thanks for looking.

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  1. Oh my goodness, bumper boats!? I want to play *L*

    You have a beautiful family, it was fun seeing pictures. I think the cloud picture looks a little bit like a UFO though ;)