Monday, May 25, 2009

My Make-Do Monday for May 25 Bathroom Towel Hanging Solutions

Towels Need a Place to Hang Near My Shower

In my bathroom I have one towel rack. (Don't mind the towel with the hole- it was a freebie and I have not yet patched it. It is a very good towel and free is good, right?!) Yes, I have left it just as the builders made it. The towel rack is not all that useful, but I have been too ‘out of sight out of mind’ about it to remember to do something about it. Oh, and I am not sure what I want to do about it anyway. But.......

Near our shower, we have no hooks for towels. In fact, the door opens such that we have no wall near to put a hook or bar. One day I was in DI (local second hand store) and saw 2 wreath holders from Christmas. Ahhh-Haaaa moment!

I took them home and put them over my shower walls. They don’t stand out like sore thumbs and they do a good job of tending my towel as I shower. Then I move my bath towel back to the towel rack.

At one point, I did have some costly acrylic over the door hooks, but they broke. I have not thrown them away, because I plan on fixing them so that they will work again. Just have not ‘got a round to it’ yet. I will ‘someday’ when I put it on my list, or just plain get the bug to do it. But I figure these metal wreath holders aren’t going to go bust on me and they work really well and the only reason to fix the others is to then use them to hold a bottle or two of shower somethings that are sitting on the floor of the shower because I don’t have a shelf in my shower.

Lots of make do’s need to be going on in the bathroom, but I haven’t gone there yet, again it is an out of sight out of mind deal. You see, when I go to the main floor of my house for the day, I hardly ever go back to my bathroom and so I do tend to forget about fixing my bathroom to work better for me.

I really only think about the things I want to fix and make-do in my bathroom when I am soaking in the tub-my ' "Calgon Take Me Away!" ' moment, but those moments don't happen all that often. I am thinking that when I get to taking photos for this post, I will maybe grab the things I need to fix/make-do over and finally get them done. That would be awesome!!!

OK, so finally I have gotten' around to looking at my broken acrylic towel hangers. I tried two methods of fixing them this morning. The first works, but not to my satisfaction. Here are the photos:

So then I tried this:

I like this method better, because the profile is better. It fits right over the top of the shower and doesn't stick up. However, by using just the duct tape while empty, it hangs beautifully. And then.......... I put a towel on it and oops, it held the towel but the other side was trying to come back over the the towel holding side. So, as I suspected, I need to put a solid brace over the top to hold the two hooks down.

No problem I will just acquisition a tin lid from the garbage from last nights dinner. I will bend it, mold it and tape it to the top to keep the whole thing rigid. I am sure it will work.

See- it did work!

Thanks for Make-Do Monday for allowing me to finally fix this problem in my shower. I have been putting this off for over a year and it really only took 10 minutes to play with, 10 minutes is an exageration, believe me!

I hope you all have a wonderful day/week!


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  1. Just this very morning I was thinking about hooks for bathroom towels! We have some hooks. I just need some of your endless gumption!

  2. You are so funny! I would have tossed those broken acrylic hangers in the trash, never thinking that I could just get out some duct tape! You are one clever gal. :)

    The wreath hangers are an excellent idea. I may incorporate that into my husbands bathroom shower situation. We don't have a way to hang up towels next to the shower in there either.

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  4. I am SOoooo lucky to be married to Sharinskishe

  5. Ingenious! Your make-do monday posts are always so much fun :)