Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Update on the Kittens

Here are the kittens when they were about a month old.  We took them in a tub (large tub) and let them venture out into the grass for the first time!  It was so fun.  Some were shy, some were adventurous, it was fun to watch each kitten experience something so weird, new and strange.

Here are all the orange kittens nursing on Bebe- 3 of them are hers, the other two are Willows.  The two moms have been helping each other with feeding and cleaning of the kittens.  It has been fun to watch.  There has never been any shunning of a kitten or fighting between the mom's.  It has gone super smooth for all of them.

When it was time to let them venture out and find a home of their own, we started to take these photos:

Here is Marshmallow.  He is really cute and loves to explore.  He pounces at everything and is very gentle.  He rarely uses his claws when playing with us.

He has not found a home yet.  The kids want to keep him.  Maybe Willow will have to move out?

On the right, he has fallen asleep in Pilots hands.  He loves this little guy.

Here is M&M, he was named by a nurse at the Vet's.  He cried the whole time he was there.  He cries all the time he is away from his siblings and his mom or grandma.  He is tiny and sweet.  We love him.  He found a home with a wonderful family.  They have 3 early elementary kids that were so excited to have him.  They seem like they will be really good for him.  I bet he stops crying soon!!  At least I sure hope he does.

This is Fluffball, he doesn't really have a name, he just is cute and fluffy.

He is sticking his tongue out here. I caught the picture just as he was yawning!  Too funny!  I think he is telling me that he doesn't want his photo taken.  He wants to stay here with us and not go back on KSL Classifieds Listing to be sold!.

He needs to find a home too.  He is the last of the 11 kittens to be adopted or spoken for, (that is if we count Marshmallow as staying with us).  I hope we find a home for him soon.  He is so loving and gentle too.  Runs in their family.

Here is Angel with Lily.  She is spoken for and that is all I can say for now.

We love her.  She is so cute and cuddly.  She is the first one to be chosen.  We had tons of calls for her, but even though she went first, the others who were interested in her took her sisters.  Happily took her sisters.

I must say that all our adopted families came quite a distance to get their kittens.  We apparently had just the right ones for each of them.  It was pretty amazing and cool to be able to provide others with darling, healthy kittens.

Two of the Calicos went to two sisters who definitely wanted girl calicos.  They were only going to take one kitten, but couldn't decide between two of them, so they took two!  Good for me, good for the kittens and I hope good for the sisters!!!  Their mom was totally fine with the choice, so I was happy.

The next calico went to a wonderful young mom of two boys.  She wanted a calico girl and came a longs way to get her.  They came in the rain and coldish wind.  When she saw the little puff ball, she was thrilled.  But then her husband eyed Frisbie.  Frisbie is a tiger looking male.  He is darling too.  He is really good about letting little kids hold him.  He just goes limp and is very tolerant.  He doesn't try to get away.  So as they left, they decided to take both sister and brother!  Two gone at the same time, again.  What luck.  I am sure they will be happy together.  However, Pilot was really sad to seem him go.  Sorry, bud.

The next bunch went together too, however, they will be at 3 different homes.  One young newlywed and her mother came to pick out male, orange haired kittens.  They saw M&M and asked me to hold him.  When they arrived, they decided to take a long hair instead.  That is what they really wanted.  So the young lady picked a kitty and then her mom decided she had to have one to.  They are naming one Sarge, because the young bride's husband just deployed and she wants/needs something to love around.  I am proud of her husband and of her sacrifice for us.  And they also took another male, fluffy, orange kitten for their friend who wanted one!!  I am sure, very sure these guys went to good homes.

It has been fun to have these babies around.  They are all so wonderful and unique.  I am grateful we found homes for almost all of them that seem to be caring and responsible.  I miss those who are gone, but I am hoping they are being loved and are happy.


Here are some photos we took a couple, tree or four weeks ago.


  1. Look at those kitties! Oooh, it makes me think of my little one when she was a kitty. about 14 years ago I brought home two calico kitten sisters. I named them Maggie and Mocha. Maggie passed away two years ago, but Mocha is still here and crazy as ever lol

  2. It's certainly hard to resist kittens! I didn't know that mamas cats would help each other feed and clean. So neat! What fun for kids to see them grow up. And a good, albeit hard, lesson to see them go.