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My Food on Fridays for May 29 - Eggs for Dinner


Eggs For Dinner Wonton Cup Style

For dinner tonight I decided to make something Breakfasty so I went with Ham, Cheese, Eggs and more.  The more is green beans, mushrooms, cream cheese, and Wonton squares.  Next time I will use Green Chilies.  You don't need to add salt, but a little pepper would be nice.  In fact, a few diced onions sauted in the butter might be tasty as well.
So I set off beating 6 eggs in a large bowl.  Then I added about a cup of diced ham.  Then about a cup of grated cheese.  I opened a can of green beans and a can of mushrooms, drained them and added them to the bowl.  I then mixed everything up.  I heated up a cast iron skillet and put about a tablespoon of butter in the hot skillet.  Then I poured the egg mixture in the skillet and gently let it cook stirring and gently turning it like scramble eggs until just dry.
As the egg mixture was cooking, I laid the wonton wrappers on the muffin tin.  I have a non-stick pan and did not grease it at all.  And it worked out fine.  Except on one when the shell ripped and it stuck a little bit.  
After the eggs were ready, I used my large cookie/ice cream scoop to put equal amounts into the Wonton lined muffin tin.  I found it just as easy to put the mound of eggs on the flat Wonton and let gravity or the push of the scoop fill the hole. 

I filled them really full and put the tray in the oven, preheated to 375 degrees.  I baked them for about 10 minutes watching the corners of the Wonton's so they didn't get too brown.  I removed them and set the pan on a baking rack to let them set and cool for about 5 minutes.
After cooling, I plated them onto a platter for serving.  The Wonton bottoms were not crispy.  But they seemed cooked to me, they were soft.  I liked them, but Pilot wasn't sure he liked the use of the Wonton wrappers.  Angel and Hubby gave me a thumbs up.  We all like the eggs, a cross between scrambled and omelet.  The eggs were really good.  I even forgot to put salt in them like I was planning, but I forgot it and they were totally fine without adding extra.

This plate has one that came out slick and the one that came out in pieces. I ate that one, OK, I ate both of these and they both tasted great.

I definitely will make these again.  Maybe line the muffin tin with a thin slice of ham or maybe turkey.

I put out fixings for a green salad and that was good with the eggs. 

In this photo we see Angel's plate with an Egg Cup and a pile of brownie/cake stuff.  She ate her salad first.  When it came time to eat her chocolate mess, she could only take one bite as it was much to chocolately for her.  She does have a threshold that she doesn't cross when it comes to chocolate.  She doesn't like dark chocolate and I did use some dark on the top.
I made this Chocolate Mess with a new recipe and an old but used for the first time stoneware pan.  They did not turn out wonderful, I don't know if it was the pan or the recipe.  But I won't be making it again.  Only because I have some tried and true recipes that work out all the time.


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