Sunday, May 3, 2009

My Make-Do Monday for May 4th - Renew Your Air Freshener

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Renew Your Air Freshener
You know those wonderful (and for some- those awful room fresheners from Renuzit? Here is a photo so you know exactly what I mean.

Well it says it is made from all natural ingredients. Well that part is good. And you can get them at the dollar store or Wal-mart for a little less than the dollar, if you knew that before you grabbed a bunch at the dollar store. Goes to show how often I get out!!!

Anyway, we got this really wonderful scented one at Christmas. It was maybe called -Christmas cookies. In any case, I loved the smell. I mean I really liked this one. So when it dried out I was not happy. It had lasted about a month, about what the instructions said was supposed to. So that was good. The bad part was I did not have another one of that scent to replace it with. So what should I do? I haven't been able to find a replacement of the same scent, I would guess because it is no longer the Christmas Holidays- Christmas Cookies. Do ya think?

I do like other scents. But I wanted to see if I could revive the 'all natural' components. I could and have done. I am on my fifth round of rehydrating it and enjoying the scent.

Of course I took a sharp knife and cut done one side of it and pulled it off it’s post and stuck it in a glass jar in my bathroom that had held another kind of vanishing scenty thing. I added water and waited. Yes, it grew back to size. Yes, it still had smell. Yes, it has been five months and with a bit of water here and there it is happy and smelling good.

Here how I have done it.

First you have to get the dried part off the base. The first time I did this, my gel had dried up to a very hard small bit and I had to soak it a bit to be able to put a slit down the side and slip it off. So now I generally take it off before it hardens too much.

Once you get it off, place it in a jar and cover with water. Let it absorb the water and it will grow back to its original size. This photo shows it only halfway back to normal. It could soak some more, but I'm OK with putting it back together now.

Next you take it out and put it back on the center post.
I have done this several times and my gel has split, but it still works.

I figure if it ever gets to a point that it breaks up into pieces and still has a smell, I'll just leave it in the jar. That would work too. The jar I am using was once an freshener in a jar, but I did not like the scent, so I threw the insides out and am using the jar for my favorite smells.

The liquid left over in the jar is smelly too. I keep it to reuse, if it doesn't evaporate before needed.

I have a jar that is just smaller than the base, so my air freshener just sits on the jar. It still smells wonderful.

This is one way to extend the freshener's life.
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  1. That is thrifty! and wonderful that you can keep one of your favorite scents around long after the season :)

    You are so creative! This is fabulous!

  2. I NEVER would have thought of that. Ever. I would have just plucked the dried-up little goober off its stick and tossed it in the trash in order to recycle the plastic...or maybe I would have skipped that and thrown the whole thing out.

    You are so inventive, such a problem-solver! I celebrate your domestic creativity and love that your jump in with Make-Do Mondays so we can get this inspiration!

  3. You have so many ingenious ideas! I love the way you look at things that others of us would see as inevitable and you see it as a challenge that you can turn around. Very inspiring :)