Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Silly Distractions with Shari - Genetics

So while we were on our road trip (see Muskegon Vacation), we had to do some things to keep us happy, busy and distracted. So, learning to whistle loudly was out because my cheeks were getting sore and nobody could stand the squeaky blowing noises that were being made!

So we decided to do some tongue training. PilotBoy, Angel and I laughed so much we had headaches. Angel had just done a genetics assignment and so we were going over what we had learned.

I have never been able to roll my tongue. I thought it was a done deal, if you couldn't do it you just plain couldn't do it. But we learned that at least for myself and Angel, that with practice we could do it. We are not fluent like PilotBoy and HubbbyDad, but with time we might be a bit more fluent. We spent a good couple of hours practicing in the mirror on the visor and a little purse mirror and laughed so much our sides hurt. It wasn't that funny, it was just funny.

Then we tackled the Vulcan Greeting. Angel could not do the greeting and after lots of practice she could do one hand. Now she can do both. PilotBoy is doing good too. It was so much fun to do this together. Thank Heavens HubbyDad could do all of it, because he was driving and we wanted his attention on the road.

We are all now Vulcans with tongue rolling welcomes! or really just normal happy people who found real fun in goofing off while cramped in a beautiful ride!!

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