Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Good Day Nebraska

This morning we awoke to a beautiful day with sunshine and expected warmth. We spent the night in Ogallala, Nebraska. The motel was not great, maybe not even good, but it was clean. We will look harder next time for a better deal. We are still novices and slow learners when it comes to Rooms.

We started driving and made quite a few pit stops for both Diesel, food, snacks and potty breaks. But when it came to evening, we were all ready to keep going. So we did.

We had our own distractions too. See Genetics practice here.

We stopped in Des Moines to visit Hubbys Step-Dad and his wife. It was a nice visit. Grandpa D had met Pilot boy when he was 14 months old and had not seen him since. So both PilotBoy and Angel were able to meet Grandpa D and his new wife. The kids were happy to have finally met him. They were thrilled with the pocket knives GpaD gave them. They are pretty knives.

After our stop in Des Moines, we started to drive again. And we drove and we didn't stop (except for breaks) until we hit Muskegon, Michigan. We figure it was a good 24 hours of driving. But it put us a day ahead. Angel and I slept pretty good in the Truck and Hubby drove most of the way. PilotBoy decided to stay awake with his dad and only knocked off for a half hour. I would say our new teenager did very well. He kept his dad awake and we were all safe.

Anyone reading this and wondering why drive all night? Well, hubby works nights and so he was really driving during his normal up time and it worked out really well for us. I could drive in the day and he could do the night drive and the kids could sleep in their seats. Saves money and time.

At two thirty in the morning, we were at the largest truck stop in America, the IW80 or something like that, and a young man of college age couldn't get his car started. We were able to use the jumper cables and get his car started so that he could get home. He had over 100 miles to go. I was glad we could help him. He said he had asked 4 other people and 2 ignored him and the others said no, they couldn't help. He was quite discouraged and we seemed to be able to brighten his way. Good lesson for the kids on helping people. We also talked of stranger danger and ways to ensure your personal safety at times like that. You have to be able to trust in your instincts and listen for the Holy Ghosts promptings, too.

After we picked up the beautiful Outback 31ft trailer, we made a quick stop and took about a 3 hour nap. Then we headed for Elkhart, Indiana.

We met Aunt Sue at a McDonald's for ice cream. It was fun trying to find parking for our monster, but Hubby did such a wonderful job. It sure is nice that he can drive, park, haul the big things. He is excellent in the backing up too. I never had to back it and I am glad I didn't have too. Driving it was really fun and I didn't have any trouble at all. But I never went in the tight places.

Then we went to visit Grandma D. (Mom) The kids were so glad to be able to see her again so soon. It was a wonderful visit and so much more comfortable this time for all of us. It didn't see to me to have been 6 months since our last visit, but it had been. Thanks for the visit Mom. Farley was so excited to have the kids there to play with. He whined when Angel went out to the truck, he sure likes her. He loves to play tug of war with his toys. I sure hope he wasn't too sad when we left.

After that we headed for Nappannee for Gpa and Gma A's. It was sure good to see them again. We got to visit with them this time and even camp out at their place. (Thanks for the other offers for a place to stay, but this worked out best for us.) We all slept well, and I for one was glad to be near the Train tracks and the comforting train whistles. We had a wonderful breakfast at a restaurant with service and some cooking I imagine from some of the Amish. They are such a nice friendly people. The food was too filling and delicious, I thought. I really like the more relaxed atmosphere in Nappannee, it is very comfortable.

Travel for Tuesday to Wednesday 1,091 miles. Too much at one sitting. But better in the long run.

Our Vacation to Muskegon, MI over Spring Break
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