Thursday, April 17, 2008

Heading for Home.....Already!?

Yes, it seemed that we had just arrived and then we were on our way home.

We said our Good-byes to Gpa and Gma A, gave hugs and then we piled back into the Bright Red, Candy Apple Red, Truck to begin our journey back to Utah.

I took over driving later in the day, and it was fantastic! What had I been scared of? I'm not sure because I had hauled trailers and boats before. But none as long as this puppy. So that was probably my fear, it's length. But it was really a fantastic tow. I felt very comfortable behind the wheel of the truck and seemed to have a great instinct on the towing part. I never had a problem changing lanes or passing slower trucks. The wind was not too bad, so over all I had a great time.

Hubby did most of the driving and I am glad. But it was fun to drive, I just ultimately like to be chauffeured. He likes to drive so it works out for us. Diesel was not our friend, though. We paid $3.999 a gallon at some places and the highest we saw was $4.339. The cost went up about Thursday and we probably paid an average of $4.099 per gallon. It was crazy. But then our fuel mileage was pretty good at first. Without the trailer we were getting about 18.9 mpg and with the trailer we got 9.4 mpg. That is quite a dip. But we put the vehicle in TOW/Haul mode and it seemed to eat more fuel. (The owner asked us to do that, so we followed his instructions.)

We only drove to Davenport, Iowa on Thursday. We were tired and we had promised the kids a motel room with a pool when we got our load picked up. So we stopped at a newly remodeled Days Inn with new owners and everything was grand. The cost was $53.00 and the kids had the pool to themselves and our room was nice with two cozy beds.

227 miles, but we were still so tired from our big push on Tues-Weds and the weather was rainy, cold and what a head wind.

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