Saturday, April 19, 2008

Saturday Already? How far have we come?

Happy Birthday Gpa A!!!

So far we have gone 1,595 miles from Home to Muskegon, MI and have returned 1405 miles at Rock Springs.

Today we went from North Platte to Rock Springs (477 Miles). Again not too far. But we had been experience head winds most of the way home and so we seemed to be getting nowhere fast.

We spent about an hour or more visiting the BEST Family. L,D,S and T were there and so we visited with them. This was my second time in their home and I am so glad that I finally have had the chance to visit them in their own home. I love them very much and miss them all the time. L is my best friend (he is my brother) and I respect him very much. I love the advice that both L and D give me. They are very special. L had also taken the time to solder my computer's broken solder joint and now it works like a charm. Thanks.

We thought about driving all the way home, but then since Hubby had to go to work 5pm on Sunday, we decided to stop and sleep and then get home in time to drop off the truck and trailer to Dr. DM and then get home and send Hubby off to work. Timing was not going to be good for Hubby no matter what we did.

So we found a Motel 6 and it cost us $71.00 and it had no pool. We couldn't find anything lower cost in town. However, the room was very nice, it had hardwood floors and felt cleaner than most rooms with carpet. The room was roasting though and we had to get a fan from the office at 2am just to be able to continue to sleep. I felt as though I were sleeping in my old dorm room in Hawaii. I should have daydreamed that one up, maybe I could have spent several hours there!

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