Friday, April 18, 2008

Raining in Iowa

Well the good weather finally flew the coop. It rained all night in Davenport and all day in Iowa. When we crossed the border into Nebraska, the rain stopped and we were back into sunny skies and warmer (not hot) air.

We only went a short bit (580 miles) and found a hotel in North Platte for $45.00 with a pool and clean rooms. The kids spent 3 hours or so in the pool as it was open until midnight. That is a story in and of itself- the people who were at the pool. Maybe someday......

We all slept very good. That all night drive, was catching up to me at least and the pool made the kids tired and so we all slept. We didn't want to get up for breakfast, but since it was part of the room we did get something. Then it was time to head back out.

Our Vacation to Muskegon, MI over Spring Break
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