Monday, April 14, 2008

Let's Go on Vacation..... Today!!!

.....OK, it was a surprise but not totally. We didn't know if we were going or not, but we did know that the possibility was there.
.....However, when I learned that it was a go-- I was not ready. And so we threw the trip together in a few hours and had a wonderful time.
.....We made some mistakes and could have done things differently to even have made it better, but we had a great time. We came home and checked our experience and know where to make adjustments if the opportunity comes along again.
.....I love the Plan, Do, Check and Adjust method for learning from our experiences. Thanks to Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady and The Team Leadership Development Service Provider for teaching us such useful and life changing skills. The Team is Awesome!!!

The News Is - We are going!

Dear Hubby finally got confirmation that yes we were going to Muskegon, MI. He texted me at 10:45pm Sunday night. I was in bed, trying to sleep. The kids were on spring break as of Monday morning and I was trying to keep our night routines normal and not let them stay up all night just cuz school was out.

We were headed for Muskegon to pick up a brand new travel trailer for a friend of Hubbys. We had to use his truck too, ours was not heavy enough and his needed electric breaks installed and an equalizer hitch. So soon we would be embarking on a very fast mission to Michigan and back. But we were up to the challenge, and excited to go.

So having finally received the news that the trip was a go, I just rolled over and went to sleep. I'd get everything ready in the morning, while Dear Hubby slept. It sort of worked that way. He slept for about 3 hours, I should say napped. Then PilotBoy and Hubby went to trade vehicles.

They met at Dr DM's work. They left our Expedition and came back in a beautiful 2007 Red Dodge Diesel, extended cab, four doors. My son will tell you I have my facts wrong, but it really doesn't matter, the truck is beautiful!!!

I packed for anyone who needed my help. I had made sure the laundry was done so that everyone would have what they needed. We packed, grabbed the snacks I had gathered and off we went. Boy is the truck great. It is so smooth and luxurious. It would be nice to have one like it someday. I am glad Dr. D has this for his family.

We headed up Provo Canyon and out of Utah into Wyoming. We stopped to visit my brother, the LD BEST family. Everyone was home, which they should have been since it was 9:40pm at night, a school night for them. Even E was there, she knew we were coming and wanted to stay and get hugs. And B and his lovely wife, L came. It was so fun to see everyone, in their own home, hometown. We visited for a long while, too long for them since it was so late, but not long enough for me, 'cause I never get to spend much time with them, and then we headed out for more miles.

In Ogallala we called the day over and slept. 635 miles.

Our Vacation to Muskegon, MI over Spring Break
... Six days - 3,209 miles ...
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