Sunday, April 20, 2008

Home At Last.... Are we there Yet?

We woke up in Rock Springs expecting snow, but it was clear and nice, though a bit chilly. We headed for Green River, WY for some breakfast and fuel. The winds were very light and it was sunny. We ate and then we went and got fuel. $50.00 for Diesel at a pump costing $4.119, which was the lowest we had found in Rock Springs too. And then we found a Maverick where diesel was $3.999 a gallon, so we finished filling the tank there. Playing the 'Find the Cheapest Pump' game was not fun, it was very frustrating.

But finally we had enough fuel to get us to Heber City and complete our delivery. The winds picked up just out of Green River and Hubby drove and I felt safe and secure. They weren't too bad, but I also know we were blessed.

We had such a good time together and even though the trip was fast, it was almost completely paid for. We also were blessed to be able to use Dr DM's truck, which was awesome. Then we were able to haul his new trailer home without any incident and deliver it to him. I will always be grateful to my Heavenly Father for protecting us on the trip and for Dr D for allowing us to go and pick up his new toy. It is a trip we will not forget. Thanks!!

We met Dr. D at his home and turned over his things to him. It was a nice haul. I am happy that he has the means to provide such a treat for his family. We are all blessed in life for our abilities and what we do them and he has worked extremely hard with his abilities and I am glad to see him reap the rewards they choose. We can all have our dreams fulfilled, we just need to identify our dreams and then do whatever it takes to achieve them. It takes time and hard work, but the end is worth it.

We then headed home in our beautiful Ford Expedition and our trip was over. Six states in six days, a total of 3,209 miles. What an experience. The kids were better than me. I lost my temper several times and I was a grump off and on. But Hubby and the Kids were awesome!!!!

Let's do it again!!!!!

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