Sunday, January 31, 2010

Make-Do Monday - February 1st !! Where is my Hair Dryer?

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This week for my Make-Do................   

Sometimes my hairdryer is strewn around the bathroom.  

But then I rarely use it, it is mostly used by my little Angel.  

She sometimes forgets that my bathroom is not hers and she sometimes forgets to put things away. 

So one day in frustration after finding the dryer in the middle of the counter I grabbed it and hung it up out of the way.  It would have been almost as quick to put it in the drawer, but my hands were full and it would have been hard to get the cord wound up.  
So into the hand towel holder it went.  Well, it liked it's new home there and Angel seems to get it put away 99% of the time now.  So I am letting it live in this new spot.  
I hated having my hand towel there, it just wasn't convenient for me to reach over my sink to dry my hands.  So my hand towel lives behind my back while I stand at the sink.  I just turn around and dry my hands.  Much easier for me.

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  1. TOTALLY makes sense to me!!!!! Spur of the moment "fix's" often turn out to be brillent ;-p

    Let me know when you cook something in your roaster ;->