Sunday, January 3, 2010

Make-Do Monday - Another use for a Beater

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Make-Do Monday with Shari -
Again this week I have been having to improvise- due to my lack of keeping up with the dishwasher.

I have made three different versions of strata this past week and have only one wire whisk. (That statement is not totally true as I have a whisk in my flour and one in my cocoa that I keep in those containers at all times. I also have a very small wire whisk that is not good for everyday whisking. I will probably use it for cornstarch or maybe my cornmeal or something else when I get it into a canister. )  

So when it came to breakfast Friday morning, I had not done the dishes from New Year's Eve and so my wire whisk was in the dishwasher waiting for a full load of dishes to be run.  

So I grabbed one beater from my handmixer set and stuck it in the sour cream to scoop an unmeasured amount into my strata bowl.

Then I moved the beater over into the bowl with the eggs and milk. I mixed the eggs, milk and sour cream together and the beater worked just fine. Using this beater was easier to mix in the cheese, veggies and everything else that went into this strata. The chunkier pieces did not get stuck in the beater as they normally do in the wire whisk. 

This tool may become my beater of choice when it comes to making dinner or breakfast stratas. 

When I make my plain French Toast Strata, the regular wire whisk will suffice, because all I do is mix eggs, milk and spices.

Keep your eye out for other uses for all your kitchen tools. Have a great week and see you next Monday!!


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