Sunday, January 24, 2010

Make-Do Monday - jan 24 drawer organization

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So this weeks post is a quick fix it all that my daughter put together to keep her make-up drawer neat and orderly.

She had a black binding that was empty and taped it down in her drawer and then put her eyeliner and lipliner pencils between the bands.  Easy Peasy fix!

I usually pull the plastic bindings off any hole punched booklets before I toss the paper.  (To recycle the paper you have to remove bindings, staples and plastics.)  
So here we had a binding that is quite expensive and is reusable if you have access to the binder machine that cuts the holes and attaches the binding.  

Our school district has an place that we can use to do die cuts, laminating and binding.  It is really a nice resource for our classrooms and teachers.

....Have a wonderful week of Making-Do....  
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  1. Very creative idea!! Your daughter deserves something choclate!! :-D

    I bet this would also work great for artist pencils, etc. ... think I'll share this one with a couple of friends.

    Cheryl B. - http://thebzhousethatlovebuilt