Sunday, January 17, 2010

Make-Do Monday - Cooling Rack

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Make-Do Monday with Shari this week is about one of my camp cooking outfits.  Here you can see my large dutch oven with a rack in it.  The rack I believe might be a cake cooling rack.  Honestly I don't know for sure, I do know that I got it for next to nothing at our second hand store.  And it fits perfectly in the bottom of the dutch oven.

With in the bottom of the dutch, I can put a cake pan or a pie tin inside the dutch on the rack and then it works like an oven with circulation going under the tin as well.  Also it helps with cleanup as I don't have to wash the big dutch oven, just the cake pan or pie tin- easy peasy!

I also have put silicone cup cake liners/(panlettes) on the rack to back them inside the dutch oven.  I doubt I will ever use the propane oven in the travel trailer, because dutch oven cooking is fun and really very simple.  And also I love to make and play in campfires, so if I campfire cooking I can justify playing in the fire!!

Try looking for different used for everyday items.  We never used cooling racks for cookies or cakes so I don't really have experience with these types of racks.  But I can definitely find other uses for them. Go, seek, find and experiment!!!

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  1. Shari, I chuckled when I read the title of this particular posting ;-p I have my own 'version' of a cooling rack which is part of the posting I (at least) 'plan' on posting tomarrow. You'll have to stop by then and see it ;-}