Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Our Baby Earthquake- Tues at 1:09 am

USGS Earthquake Details  (Click here for more details)

     Early this morning, Tuesday January 5, 2010, at 1:09 am our family was awakened by a baby earthquake!  It was really weird.  But it was interesting.  Not scary, because it was so small, but it was a new experience.  I have never been shaken awake by a quake before.  

   Things in the house were making a rattling noise as well.  Being startled awake like that was really different, but I knew immediately that we had just had an earthquake.  

  Our bedrooms are on the 2nd floor and our house is built on the flat lands of former fields.  (Think liquifaction...............)  We think that these two factors combined with a shallow epicenter( about 1.1 miles deep) and also that we are about 1.3 miles from the epicenter caused us to feel it's movement really well.  I was surprised to find out it was only a 2.9 and not a 3.5 give or take a point.  

   It was kind of hard to get back to sleep.  Hubby and Pilot were on the computers trying to find out information through the US Geological site and the preliminary findings/reports were pretty accurate. 

   There was some fine tuning of location and strength but by about 2 pm, everything seemed to be set in stone for the record books.  I think Pilot learned a lot at 1:15am and didn't quite researching until nearly 2am.  But even though we were all tired in the morning, it was a great experience.

    It made me think about a few things, like are the trailer keys by the front door like they are supposed to be?  Yes they are.  What about car keys and house keys.  I keep them in my school book bag, but could I grab it in case of an emergency?  I think so.  

    Do we have easy access to our 72 hour kits?  Yes.  Have we updated them lately? No.  We try to do this twice a year when we change the clocks.  But I realized that we did not do this in October because we have been busy with this college schedule and homework.  Checking the kits twice a year is probably overkill, but why not do it twice and have fresh items in the kits? 

    We still need to work on water, fuel and some other things.  However, I feel that if the big one came and we were not physically hurt, injured or wounded, we would survive just fine.  Maybe not in luxury but we would certainly be able to handle ourselves and survive. 

   Below is a map showing the epicenter from Jan 5th's 1am baby earthquake.  We live just over a mile to the west, very very slightly moving north.  If you go north on Redwood Road and then Left/West on W7400N, which is really 400 North you will see the Lakeview Academy property just to the west is Bryant Blvd which is the entrance to my subdivision just west of the school.  Pretty close to the epicenter, huh!?

View Larger Map

View Larger Map

The Green Arrow on the map is the Longitude and Latitude coordinates of the epicenter of the great 2.9 earthquake of January 5th, 2010.


  1. Ohhh my Gosh!!!!!How cool is that. I have not felt an earthquake since I was a kid. I miss you guys. Thanks for sharing. I love to hear about that stuff.


  2. Shari
    We have felt them back here in Indiana,
    but not the one you just had.
    We had felt one when we lived in the cabin in
    Southern Indiana and several others over our lives.
    love you all.
    Dad A.