Sunday, February 7, 2010

Make-Do Monday - February 8 Another BookMark!

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I made do this week by:

So I was reading and needed to grab something for a bookmark and on my table was a nice piece of 3/4" ribbon in red. Really pretty ribbon from a wrapped gift I received recently.

I stuck that pretty ribbon in my book and headed for school. When I got home, I pulled out my trusty ribbon and bead- book mark making box and took out four beads.

I strung the beads on the ribbon and wah-lah(spelling) I had a usable, adjustable new bookmark!

I think it looks pretty, but it is certainly usable. It was doable, and make from recycled and old craft materials. I spent no money on it, just a few seconds of my time.

Now all I have left to do is singe the edges of the ribbon so that they don't ravel and it will be all done.

Making this new bookmark is all Joanne Flukes fault! I found a couple of her books at the thrift store and I am really enjoying them, but I had to have a new bookmark. I just found another of her books at the thrift store. I have now read 2 1/2 of her murder mysteries. They are so much fun! I love her work.

I will be on the lookout for more of her books. I am designating this new bookmark my Flukemark for her Murder Books!!!

Have fun, create, recycle, reuse 
enjoy your upcoming week.

.....See you next week.....

PS: Did you notice the beautiful vest I used as my background?  It was a $2.00 thrift find and is Levi lattice worked.  I love it, but alas, it is too small for my big frame and extra padding and cushioning.  However, I still had to have it as there is a possibility that someday, if someday ever comes, I will fit into it!  


If the main button is too big, try this one:


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  1. Those look like fun books, I'm going to need to do some investigating and see if I can find them =)

    Could you put two panels in the sides under the arms to make the vest a little bigger? I know it sounds strange, but I've actually got a shirt that's cut that way and it's really flattering!