Sunday, February 21, 2010

Make-Do Monday - February22 - Privacy Hall Curtain

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I made do this week by:

Visiting my parents and taking photos of things they made do with.

So this week is their privacy curtain.  

The view from the dining room and living room is straight down the hall to my parents office and bedroom.

There are also times when a little privacy is desired between the rooms, so my parents put up a curtain.  It is a sheet.  

As you look at the close up, you will notice the curtain coordinates with the painting on the back wall.  As well as coordinating with the dried (silk) flower spray above the painting.  (Sorry the photo's are a bit grainy - but all I had with me was my cell phone and sometimes it just doesn't do the best job.)

Works for them!  I think it is a wonderful make-do.  

 * * * * * * * * *

Have fun, create, recycle, reuse 
enjoy your upcoming week.

.....See you next week.....


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  1. Love how the curtain coordinates! :)

  2. Grainy cell phone photos? First of all, I didn't notice; second of all, that sure sounds like you're making do!