Monday, March 1, 2010

Make-Do Monday - March 1st !! Handy Grabber Renovation

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Again I am borrowing from my parents.  My Dad has retrofit a reach extender, grabber with suction cups.  It is pretty cool.  It helps him and my mom reach very small things on the floor or high on a shelf.  
In fact he has so much fun with these things, he gets a little disgruntled if someone else bends down and picks up any crumbs, lint or debris on the carpet!  He wants to both 'do it himself' as well as show off how well his innovative tool works!
Normally this hangs from the wall near his desk.  He put velcro on the handle and on the wall.  Easy grab and use.

Here is the handle end of this particular Grabber.  You can see the velcro on the handle.  I really could find having one of these handy in my home.  Especially, this would be useful for closing my curtains in my living room, kitchen and dining room.

Have fun inventing, innovating, making-do, re-using, recycling and saving time, money and energy!

Keep the survivors of the recent earthquakes in your prayers and pray that they can innovate and make-do to help them through these difficult days.

Have a wonderful week and come back next Monday.  



  1. We have a grabber. I think the brand we have is the Gopher. Or something like that. I had one years ago, that the hospital gave me when I broke my leg. But I think I donated it or something because we couldn't find it anywhere after we moved. My husband bought me a new one, last year when I was hugely pregnant and needed to clean up dog toys from the middle of the floor. Now we use it to pick up stuff that the baby drops in the kitchen when it rolls under the table just out of reach!

  2. I love the grabber since I am 0nly 5 foot 3 inches it helps me do great