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Pharmacology Chapters 24 & 25 - drugs in both the book and 200 list

Chapters 24 & 25 Drugs
Generic to Brand & personal associations

Table 24-1
(dronate = the drones ate the bad bones)
*alendronate = Fosamax
(Alen ate all the bones he could, four was his max)
*risedronate = Actonel
(the curtain rises during act one of the play)
*ibandronate = Boniva
(band = Bon Jovi)

*calcitonin salmon = Miacalcin
(salmon bones have calcium, I get my calcin from them)
*raloxifene = Evista
(Ray watches the TV show Bones on her Evista computer)

page 483-4 table 24-2
*aspirin = Bayer, Bufferin

*diclofenac = Voltaren
(two clowns on a fence acting the play Voltaren)
*etodolac = Lodine
( begins with an E, ends with an E- the center is dol-lod)
*ibuprofen = Motrin, Advil

*naproxen = Naprosyn
(naproxen - naprosyn)
*celecoxib = Celebrex
(celecoxib - celebrex)

*methotrexate = Rheumatrex
(methotrexate - rheumatrex)

table 24-3
*allopurinol = Zyloprim
(all is pure from A to Z)

page 489 table 24-4
Muscle Spasticity
*carisoprodol = Soma
( the charismatic muscle buff Sumo wrestler ... )
*cyclobenzaprine = Flexeril
(muscles- bends and flexes )
*diazepam = Valium
(Pam-Valley )

Chapter 25

page 499
Cold Sores - anti viral
*acyclovir = Zovirax
(acyclovir - zovirax)

page 503-04
Anti Ulcer    
("tidine" = "To dine is divine unless you have an ulcer.)
*famotidine = Pepcid
( the famous drink, Pepsi...)
*ranitidine = Zantac
(rani.... - zan...) (zan-attacked so I ran)

Anti Gerd   
("prazole" = "Gerd pumps cheese on her pretzel.")
*omeprazole = Prilosec
( & the winner is... Oh Me! just a sec, I have to put my pretzel down.)
*lansoprazole = Prevacid
( Lance's pretzel is rancid )
*rabeprazole = AcipHex
( rabies comes from hex acid)(rabies comes from a sip of hex)
*esomeprazole = Nexium
( eat some pretzels and have dessert next)
*pantoprazole = Protonix
(panto..... - pronto....)

page 508
*promethazine = Phenergan
( my Pro Meth Magazine full of energy)
*diphenhydramine = Benadryl
(Ben drills a water mine )

page 510
*simethicone = Gas-X
(see my cone (in my butt) to catch the gas)

page 513

   Osmotic Laxative
*sodium phosphate = Fleets

*polyethylene glycol = Miralax
( Peg's mirror is lax)

     Stimulant Laxative
*bisacodyl = Dulcolax
(bicycle for two is relaxing )  duo- two

page 516
*loperamide = Imodium AD
( lope or run to the bathroom, from the podium before you implodium)

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