Sunday, July 26, 2009

Impromptu Cake Pans


I wanted to bake a delicious chocolate cake and I don't have any round cake pans. I usually do not make layer cakes. Most of the time I either use a 9x13 or a specialty pan. I have both a heart shaped pan and my 'nut' pan. The nut pan is in the shape of a nut from a bolt and nut. I love to use it and write things like:

Have a Nutty Birthday. 
You're Nuts! 
49 years - Are you Nuts? 
I'm Nuts over you....
Although it has been years since I have made one of these funny cakes. I made them mostly before I got married, (16 years of marriage now).
So I grabbed these:

These are my Make-Do cake pans. A pair of oval crocks. I greased them with my trusty bacon grease, did not flour them though. I used a cake mix because I was in a hurry.
I was in such a hurry, I didn't take a final photo. However, they cooked beautifully. I tried to get the first cake out of the pan too quickly/early and it broke up a bit. Or maybe I should use the excuse that I was talking on the phone at the same time I was trying to de-pan the cake and I was distracted, but I won't use that excuse, even though it is really true. I still salvaged it and used it as the top layer. Frosting makes good glue!!
I let the second one sit until the crock was still a little warm but not hot. Then I loosened it around the edges and used a spatula to go under the cake on the bottom. I turned it out and it came out perfect. I was a bit disappointed not to have any stuck to the pan, 'cuz I eat those pieces. Bad for me, good for the end results on the cake. 
Now that they worked out so good, I will not invest in cake pans. It was fun having a cake a bit on the oval side. A little unique, like me! I probably will put an oval of parchment paper in the bottom, though. That would make removing the cake a bit easier, in case it was just a fluke that the second one came out so easy. 
So again, I have more things on my agenda to experiment with. This will go to the end of the list, so maybe if I remember to read my list, I will get to it in November or December.


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  1. Shari, I gave your blog an award! Go to my blog to check it out!

  2. You're lucky you had two oval crocks!! What a great idea and a fun cake shape. Hey, I want a photo of that nut pan lol

  3. Kirby- I found them both at the Thrift shop at different times. Only one lid though... not a big deal. They cost about 2 dollars each or less.

    Carol- Thanks! I am on my way over to see it.

  4. Great idea! I prefer to make do with what is on hand.

  5. Super idea! I think oval-shaped cakes would be neat! Love the oval crocks for all the other ways you could use them, too.