Friday, July 17, 2009

Jiffy Pop Popcorn Pan

Jiffy Pop Popcorn Pan

So my wonderful Pilot wanted to try some Jiffy Pop.  We hadn't had any since the kids were really little and they did not know how the popcorn could work in the Jiffy pan.  So they made it at home.  Well me being on the look for make-do's and creativeness, confiscated the pan before it could hit the garbage.

I washed it and took it apart to find out how it was made.  It is made out of heavy aluminum foil, and wire.  It really is a pie tin whose top lip is wrapped over a wire circle that loops out into the handle.  I removed all the cardboard from the label and now I have a cute mini fry pan.

I used it mostly for sliding hotdogs or other things off the roasting sticks.  In the photo are some beef stick ends that we roasted for the fun of it.  They got quite crispy and tasted good.  I did not end up using it much, because it does not have a nice non-stick surface like my cast iron.

I will probably be incorporating it into a charcoal fire starter, that I will be making.  I am not sure at this moment what style I will be making.  I do know that I need a new one.  So maybe next time up at camp, I will make one. 

In any case, I find it a challenge to find a use for garbage.  Especially garbage that is expensive!! like this one use pan from Jiffy Pop!!

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