Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Day After The Power was Out

Well the power was off for only 3 hours plus a few minutes, last night- 5:20pm to 8:40ish pm. Nothing horrible about that, it wasn't cold or dark. But it was dinner time and I wasn't prepared for the power to be out.

I was thinking, if only I had put something in the crockpot. It would have been done. Now THAT would have been really cool!! But alas, no, I had not requisitioned the Crock into duty. Bad timing and planning on my part.

We easily could have gone out to the trailer and cooked on the stove or in the oven. We could have started the camping generator and used the microwave. But no, I just couldn't walk that far outside my home for dinner.

I called my friend down at 5Buck pizza to find out if they had power. She said yes they did have power, but since I live in Saratoga Springs, they were not delivering there because there was a live power line on the main road. We weren't going to buy a pizza, I was using them as an information source. They always know what is going on. But then when they said they wouldn't deliver to us- it was then I decided I wanted pizza. Always wanting what I can't have!

I used my brain and deducted that if a power line was down, it would be at least an hour before power was restored. I also want to clarify that even though buying a pizza would have been an awsome treat, I am sure we would have waited at least 45 minutes to have one delivered and since we were car-less, we couldn't go pick up one in 20 minutes. In that amount of time I could have made us a wonderful homemade pizza.

But here again lies a problem. I would have to make the dough in a bowl by hand and that would be more work than I would have wanted. I still could bake it in the trailer oven.

So now that you have the long story, I'll make the rest short.

I got the new ($2.00 Thrift Store) fondue pot out and heated hot water in it for Ramen noodles. Angel decided to have a bowl of cereal and so I made only one package of noodles, enough for Pilot. I added frozen peas into the pot as well.

So Angel was happy and nourished with her cereal. (We don't always have cold cereal on hand, but it was on sale for less than $2.00 a box. So I grabbed 4 boxes. She and Hubby love cold cereal and so they are really happy I found some Cinnamon Toast Crunch on sale.)

Pilot was happy and nourished with his Ramen noodles and peas.

I was happy that I could make a pot of soup in a pinch since I had to. I used alcohol in the burner on the fondue pot. I think I need to do a little more research on alcohol burners. But for now I am happy that I could provide.

Hubby was away at work and missed the whole thing. Poor guy, he always misses out on the fun adventures we get to have.

Pilot took a trip on Angel's bike to see if he could find where the power line was on the road. He went down our main road to the other main road- the main road to the southern part of our city. OK, the roads here are another whole story.

But back to Pilot. He saw where the line was across the road. It was near one of our wonderful neighbor's property. He said there were police cars turning traffic around. He didn't see any repair trucks and this was a good 30 minutes from when the power went out.

I called our neighbors a while later after I had made the soup and talked to their 17 year old. I asked her why they took all the power, and she burst out laughing. She told me that lightning had hit a power pole and knocked out a transformer and that a line was on the road. She said that they were outside grilling their own dinner and didn't know if a repair truck had come yet.

About an hour after I talked with her, the power came on. I wonder if Rocky Mountain Power was busy in other areas, because it really took a long time for the maintenance crew to show up. Especially since a live line was in the main road.

The poor people who lived south of us, had to back track about 2 miles or so and take another road east of here and up a farm road to reconnect with the main road. Not a fun thing during rush hour, especially here where our roads are inadequate and we have tons of road construction going on! Poor drivers.

*** My set up for the fondue pot included a spare microwave glass plate. The fondue pot did not come with instructions, but I would assume that it is OK to use it indoors. I just don't have any real experience with fondue pots. I also did not know what to use for fuel, so I used alcohol, as that is what I had. It all worked out fine, but it did smell a little. I had opened the windows, so I felt we were OK. We lived and seem to be fine today............. Me? What is fine? Am I OK...........? Am I ever OK?................... I will never know the answer!!!


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  1. Great idea for cooking without power. We would probably have settled for a very uncreative pb&j!

  2. Geez, you're so creative! I would've moped around and had a piece of bread or something *L* Our gourmetstel set has those little burners like that and we use brandspiritus, which seems to translate across as denatured alcohol. We always have the windows wide open when we use it but that's due more to the smoke from our cooking than the flames ;)

  3. This is my first visit and I have been quite entertained. I so appreciated your heartfelt comments about my Grandma Ruth. She is an inspiration.

    I love that you tackled the darkness and cooked in a fondue about determination. I would have went for left overs. :)

  4. That's a very nice fondue pot you picked up at a bargain-basement price. Way to go! And way to put it to good use! I think I would have pulled out the camp stove, which is easily accessible in the garage. I doubt I would have thought of the fondue pot, but I will next time our power goes out, after reading this story! Also, i probably only would have thought of eating fondue--I wouldn't have thought of soup. You are the problem-solving, make-do guru!

  5. Oh my! You definitely are creative and inventive. I'll have to remember my fondue pot (the new one that I have yet to use...not the one I got when we got married back in the days of avocado green) --- oh, heck we'd probably just eat pb and j sandwiches:) I hope you will join my beginning in August for Crock Pot Wednesdays on