Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy July 4th !!!!

!!! Happy 4th of July !!!


I am so glad that I live in America, it is a wonderful place to live.
Living here in Utah, I am fortunate to be able to see Army Helicopters from Camp Williams, an occasional C130 flies over us as it goes to Salt Lake. Once in a long while we get fly overs from Hill Air Force Base's Jets.

But for me the most fun is hearing the testing that goes on. This testing is awesome! It is noisy and boomy. Some of the men and women of our troops, who are protecting this great land, are practicing here at the Camp Williams Bombing Range. And I get to hear the bombs going off. Sure there is the occasional fire that gets set, but that is awesome too. I am a certified pyromaniac!

The booms we hear are sometimes even felt. I do live far enough away to avoid the window rattling. Others live so close that you can really feel the bombs and their windows come close to shattering. I could live with that, but I don't because I am further away.

I feel sorry for the people who complain about the testing when it is going on. I love it. I know that our troops are getting good training. It is for their safely as well as my own.

I also know that some people never knew they were moving to an area where actual testing, phyical testing was going on. I do have compassion for them, these people were not informed by their real estate agents. Bad, bad agents.

However, People, Please.... Please.... do not complain that the testing is going on in your backyard!~!!!! It is a great thing. It is necessary in these times. It is power for our troops to be well trained. And we, as citizens and neighbors, get to train along side them.

We train our nerves to accept the noise. We train our brains to listen. We can empathize with people who have constant bombing in their cities and towns. We can imagine how horrible it could be to have the noise as a thing to fear. Homes being destroyed, lives altered or cut short.

We fortunately have not had to endure the horrible aspects of what bombs can do to neighborhoods. But we can imagine how the sounds could affect someone in a war torn area.

We can also imagine some people being comforted by hearing the bombs near them. These people know that help is on it's way. They might be rescued from Tyranny soon.

We in American have so much to be grateful for.

God Bless America!!!!

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