Sunday, December 6, 2009

Make-Do Sunday Meal and Presidents List Certificate

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Well we are still having issues with our Internet service.  We finally have a new receptor, but something isn't working at the main source or providers office.  So I have had intermittent and slow Internet service again.   

This is why I have been late in getting Make-Do up for the last couple of weeks!  So frustrating for everyone, including me!!!


Here is one good reason for my putting Make-Do Mondays as a second priority next to school.

 My certificate for my 4.0 gpa and I was put on the Presidents List!
Not too bad for a nearly 50 year old, and not having been to college since 1983!!
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This past week I have been spending a lot of time with my school work, again.  I have three tests, maybe four this coming week.  Two tomorrow, one Tuesday and one on Thursday.  Should be a lot of fun!

I am not doing too much in the way of making crafts or fixing things as I am really busy with my homework, studying and helping the kids with their homework.  Plus trying to manage my home.

However, I did make a meal for Sunday, today that everyone ate and said was really good.  So here is what I did..............

I took a half bag of Wal-marts beef meatballs and placed them in my medium oval crockpot.  (Is there any other kind of meatball at Wal-mart?  Anyway, I used beef.)
Then I put hot water and butter according to the package of a box of non-brand stuffing mix, it was chicken, it was what I had on hand.  Then I dropped it in over the meatballs and smooshed it down into the air pockets around the meatballs.

Into the oven, 350 degrees, it went.  I covered it with foil.  I let it bake for about an hour.   I tested it and when the meatballs read over 165 degrees, I pulled the crock out.

While it was cooking, I made gravy.  I took a can of chicken broth, (I only have chicken), then I added some flour to thicken it, a little milk, a little leftover turkey gravy, salt and pepper.  It turned out tasty, but I won't be able to duplicate it because I very rarely have left over gravy of any type, let along turkey gravy that my mom made!

Then I also wrapped 3 sweet potatoes in foil and tossed them in the oven to bake while the meatballs were cooking.  They were really nice sized!  They also smelled awesome as they baked.  It smelled like sweet potato pie, or my grandma's Thanksgiving sweet potatoes, but it wasn't any of those tasty things.  Oh well, maybe another day..........

Hubby also wrapped two very large Idaho potatoes and tossed them in as well.  

Soon (after an hour) dinner was done and I called the troops to dish up.  I was amazed that they all like the meal.  If I had known how well it was going to be received, I would have taken much nicer photos!  Sorry you had to look at the leftovers!  
Maybe I will toss this meal together again and document it.  The family all said I could make it again any time.  Awesome!  Oh, I liked it too.  

I think it would taste great using beef based broth and stuffing.  Do they make a beef stuffing?  Don't know about that one, I have never looked for beef stuffing!  Funny!!

Hope you have a nice week.  I will be studying and doing my best to ace my tests~!!!

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  1. Wow, the presidents list! You go girl! It looks like all your hard work has paid off! The recipe looks yummy!