Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Late Late Late!!! Where Was Make-Do Monday this Week?

Well, where do I begin?

Sorry, so sorry I missed Make-Do Monday this week!  I have been here, but I suppose that with Christmas and being on vacation from School, I must have assumed that I was on vacation from everything!

I fully intended to put up Make-Do Monday on Sunday.  But time got away from me.  So early (for a non-school day 7am was early!) Monday morning I went down to the lap top and copied photos onto the hard drive from my phone and started to get the photos ready for my post.

Then I decided to put on a Christmas Movie from Hulu so I could have some noise, Christmas noise in the background.  I then realized that there were a few Christmas movies we hadn't seen and they would be expiring soon (Dec 31st, Thursday).  So I chose a new movie, forgetting that I had something very important like Make-Do to get posted!

I was now off in movieland, enjoying some really nice movies. I watched "Special Delivery", "Santa Baby 2: Christmas Maybe", one of my new favorites "Holiday in Handcuffs", plus several others. I was also making breakfast and even worked on some flash cards for Pharmacology.  Problem was I had completely forgotten that I had not done my MDM post!

About 4 pm, after lunch, helping make iron on t-shirts, cleaning the living room, laundry, dishes and now getting ready for dinner, I had that sinking feeling that I forgot to do something.  Yep, I stopped for a moment and thought about it and remembered it was Monday and my Make-Do post was not up, and not only that, but the header wasn't up either for those of you who had your lives in order and on the ball!!!  I apologize, sincerely apologize!!

I have made a plan, and I hope that this does not happen again.  With the implementation of my plan, we should never be without the new Make-Do Header Post again!  

So here is to a New Year full of fun 
Make-Do Links 
for all of us to enjoy!!!  
(I am using Mona-Vie, it looks like wine, but is so much better for me!)

(non-alcoholic, of course!)

Love and Hugs to all and  A Happy New Year Tooooooooooooooo~!

.   .   .   .   .

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