Sunday, December 20, 2009

Make-Do Monday December 21st

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Make do with Shari:

The other day I decided to make some cookies.  So when it was time to cook I didn't want to print a recipe from the computer.  
I also did not want to take the computer into the kitchen, so usually in this case I write the recipe down and go to the kitchen to get to it.  
I have been grabbing a scratch piece of paper and writing the recipe down but then I remembered this prescription drug advertising white board I had in my closet.    

I pulled it out the other day and scribbled a recipe on it.  I went into the kitchen and slapped this puppy on the fridge- but I needed the help of this super duper magnetic holder.  
So now that the recipe was near my work station I went ahead and made some biscotti.   I also had Christmas music playing on my laptop in the living room so it was quite festive.
If one wanted- this board can be mounted on the fridge or inside a cupboard door with the 2 sided sticky tape on the top and bottom.  
But if it was permanently mounted it would be hard for me to take to the computer and scribble instructions and use it as a mobile note-taker.

Here is another way I get the recipe in front of me.  I will print them out and then hang them from a hanger I have on the side of my cabinet.
This is showing how my pink magnetic clip can be used on the metal frame around my kitchen window.  The metal frame is under the drywall and the paint- it is the corner beading.  It is fun to put magnets on the corner beading- it sometimes looks like magic.

Hope you have fun with your Holiday cooking..........  

The big day is almost here and then New Years is next.  Then I hope all the big baking and food-for-alls go away for several months as I try to de-food-tox and get into better shape, a more healthy body!!

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  1. Love the coat hanger idea! Hope you have a very Happy Christmas. :)

  2. I love all of these clever, clever solutions! You continue to amaze me!

    Today I was thinking of posting about a make-do phone situation that turned out really amazing.

    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas--all of that baking surely created some yummy days for family!

  3. I stopped by to link up, only to find it's already closed :-( Aw well ..... here it is in case your interested -