Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Make-Do Monday - Better Late than Never

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Make-Do Monday with Shari - 
a bit late, but finally here!

See the huge mushroom on the top of the pile?  My small can of mushrooms is stems and pieces or sliced mushrooms.  They are great as sliced mushrooms go, but I am having 'kid' issues.  All of the sudden I am hearing, 'I don't like mushrooms.'  I don't know where that is coming from, my family has been eating mushrooms for ........... well, ever.  So because I love mushrooms, I am not going to leave them out.  I have been chopping the mushrooms into smaller pieces and I have not heard those "don't like" words.  So maybe chopping them smaller have made them more tolerable for the kids.

I just grab my wonderful kitchen scissors, they are not kitchen scissors but I love them in there.  Then I just start cutting, right in the can.  Cutting and chopping until they are the size I think is best.  I also dump them into the mixture slowing and take care of any uncut large slices.  

I know this will work for other foods- such as sliced pears, peaches, green beans- just try it sometime.  I really hate to pull out the knife and cutting board when scissors will do!  

Scissors also do a great job on:

  • leftover meat - such as pork chops that I want to slice up for stir fry or to cube chicken/turkey for chicken salad
  • pizza - to make a tiny slice for a quick taste or to cut up the whole pizza or just the ends where the pizza cutter has a hard time getting to when you have a very large pizza and your pizza peel is too small
  • cutting bread into cubes for croutons, strata, bread puddings, initial chunks to  toast for bread crumbs
  • opening packages, frozen veggie bags, cheese packaging, etc
  • cutting up pineapple when you need tidbits and can only find chunks
  • and a whole myriad of other uses

Scissors are a magic tool in my kitchen.  And mushrooms are one of my very favorite foods/ingredients.  So putting the two together makes my life remain great as I can still put mushrooms into almost everything I make!!  Fresh mushrooms are also wonderful, but they are usually very expensive.  However I do get to have them occasionally and it is a real treat.  

Have a wonderful week!!!

See you Monday............................

Have a Happy New Year Everyone!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. I stopped by to link up, only to find it's already closed :-( Aw well ..... here it is in case your interested - http://thehousethatlovebuilt.xanga.com/719027073/useable-on-more-than-just-dough/

  2. Thanks for popping up a Make-Do Mondays post! I actually had something to share, and it worked out fine for me to have it ready on Tuesday.

    I think better late than never certainly lines up with the make-do theme, don't you?

    Take care!